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Actually a state of food coma is known through its two components; one component being linked to the activation of parasympathetic nervous system in response to mass in the gastrointestinal tract that generates the symptom of a low energy and another component being a certain state of sleepiness which is believed to be caused due to the neurochemical and hormonal changes occurring related to the rate at which glucose is transported in to the bloodstream and its downstream effects on the transport of amino acid in the CNS or central nervous system. In our following arrays here we will talk more about the causes of food comas as well as know about its cure. By now, we know that food comas are caused because of overeating as we usually experience the symptoms after heavy meals. The parasympathetic nervous system allows us to relax and digest the food we eat while the sympathetic nervous system allows us to move quickly and deal with stress and thus also known as flight or fight. Now, what exactly happens when we eat is the digestive process of our body turns up the parasympathetic nervous system and turns down the sympathetic nervous system. Again; we also know that food coma also occur when the body spikes its level of blood sugar or the insulin levels. We have also mentioned earlier that one can also experience a symptom of ceremonial unbuttoning-of-the-pants because of food coma. One of the best cure for food coma is to go for walk though it may not be an activity of choice after a heavy meal but some brisk physical activity can help cure food coma.
Drinking a cup of coffee can also help in curing food coma as aids in boosting the sympathetic nervous system.
Having a glass of buttermilk can be an excellent choice to get rid of food coma as it aids digestion. Lie down on your left side after excessive eating and let your stomach do its duty, doing this can help in curing food coma. If you are wondering whether you can avoid suffering from the irritating symptoms of food comas then obviously the best answer would be, "Yes!
Most importantly chew thoroughly and slowly so as to help the body in the digestive process.
Eat in regular intervals of 3-4 hours, starting from your morning meal to the evening meal. Having a glass of water before your meal can help prevent over eating which causes food coma.
Now, we are known to the causes of food comas and also know about some of the ways to cure the symptoms caused due to food coma along with the tricks to avoid food comas. Holidays, like Thanksgiving, are usually a time when we tend to eat more food than we may have liked.
When your turkey leftovers run out, be sure to head over to Cori’s amazing blog where I am stopping by with a yummy dinner recipe!¬†Hope you have a happy and healthy weekend. No food coma for me unfortunately :( Maybe on the leftovers from Margie’s T-giving dinner on Saturday!
I definitely agree with these – the biggest one for me is not restricting the next day! As soon as I read the drink a lot of water part, the lightbulb in my head went off and I immediately thought of today’s #Elf4Health challenge.

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But some people live to eat!" One of the most common saying we have come across in our life for people who love eating or who overeat their food. However, when someone stuffs himself or herself with heavy amount of food at ones, especially when the food contains lot of carbohydrates he or she suffers from a state known as Food coma. As the food breaks down in to the simplest form of sugar inside or glucose; our body uses it as fuel or energy and this makes us experience a surge in the blood sugar. This may actually sound funny, but it happens as over eating causes the stomach to expand, which results in the unbuttoning of the pants.
So, if you have already stuffed yourself with all your favourite foods and feeling drowsy or having any other symptoms of food comas then you can follow some of the below mentioned steps to fight against it.
Though it might be difficult for you to eat once again when you have stuffed yourself with heavy amount of food that is already making you feel full and heavy; yet you need to maintain a balance in the body after you have loaded up with simple carbohydrates while overeating. By avoiding overeating" :D Well, apart from this below we have mentioned some of the effective tips you can try on so as to avoid food comas. This would help you manage the level of your body's natural hormones Leptin to rise and Ghrelin to fall. Take a short walk or do some moderately active workouts which would help you promote a better blood sugar control in your body.
This eating pattern in not only known to reduce your weight but also help you maintain your insulin level. So, this festive and holiday season make sure you are going busy with fun, happiness and enjoyment and not ruining your days by getting trapped with the troubling symptoms of food comas. Go for a walk with family and friends or drag your butt out the door for literally a turkey trot.
I think going for a walk as soon as you wake up the next day, before having anything to eat, helps too.
Whenever I’m completely stuffed, I find that H20 really helps to straighten out my system again!
I like to recover from my Christmas food coma by getting in some mall cardio on Boxing Day haha.
That just sets you up for a starvation-fueled dive into the leftovers.And of course, number 5 – just move on! Share anything you find interesting, get real responses from people all over the world, and discover what makes you laugh. There are people who choose eating in excess during holidays or festivals, there are people who skip their meals and then take a heavy meal later and so on. When we over eat, the symptoms of food comas become vibrant and known to cause issues in our normal living.
In order to counter this spike, our body releases the insulin hormone which aids in reducing glucose in the blood and get its normal level.

However make a point that in case you have any serious issue because of your condition after overeating do not fail to reach a medical professional for the appropriate diagnosis and relevant treatments. The higher level of proteins taken as a counterbalancing diet will balance out the carbohydrates and will help cure the symptoms like sleepiness, fuzziness, and other feelings in food coma.
Leptin is known to reduce hunger and Ghrelin is the hormone that is released only when we initiate eating. Include the plant based or marine based fats and avoid animal-based saturated fats in your meal.
It also happens to me on an ordinary day when I let the snack monster get the better of me. Sure, your run might be slow, you might not lift as heavy and you might feel like lying in shavasna the entire time but activity often aids in digestion and produces endorphins that make us feel great.
I don’t know but my body will not react well with any sort of high intense physical activity right after a big feed.
It happens, and fortunately only once a year (and if you’re Jewish, 10 times a year).
Tomorrow I’m actually going to a zumbathon for charity with my cousin and I can’t wait! I usually add a bunch of green tea to the mix as well (especially since it’s so chilly outside!) Thanks for sharing! When we stuff ourselves with food the parasympathetic nervous system starts firing up and this in turn leads our body to focus the bulk of its energy on the process of digestion. The increase in the level of insulin in the body results in production of a bunch of brain hormones like melatonin or the sleepy hormone and serotonin or the happy hormone to be made.
Make sure you take vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, dairy products etc in your diet as they contain some crucial nutrients which cannot be synthesized by our body.
I am eating kind of weird today since I was up earlier to work for Black Friday, but I am definitely trying to keep it on the lean side. In this current article we will talk about the fact which causes food comas and also know about its cure. Apart from this, if you skip exercises and keep on eating you are definitely going to suffer from the irritating and unnecessary symptoms of food comas. Thus there occurs a change in the brain chemistry and this may result in the symptoms of drowsiness or sleepiness and also cause some food addictions. Here it is known that the blood flows more towards the body's core and less towards the extremities.

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