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We often think about business marketing in epic terms, like coordinating a six-figure launch, or undertaking a massive Facebook advertising campaign. Unmarketing’s Scott Stratten describes this as the little things that makes a company truly awesome in his excellent 50 minute keynote at DMA 2012 .
Focus on planting small seeds in the right places every day, and you will see real, sustainable business growth. Love this post Pam and will implement first thing Monday morning (as I’m heading away shortly for a long weekend!). I’ve always really struggled to work out ways to grow my business without a big launch to promote or publicise.
For your biz, I would think that really focusing on referrals would be a great way to grow. Would you like access to monthly tips, tools and resources for finding success in the new world of work? So, you are thinking "Why is she asking this question then?" The reason I ask is because your business is not going to just grow all by itself! I never used to like it, but more recently, I have had a newfound appreciation for bookkeeping and an increased awareness in the numbers. A plan is a must to succeed and without knowing the facts through proper bookkeeping it is near impossible…Excellent article and important points!
There’s really no denying the formidable impact the Internet has made in the world of the consumer.
Businesses wanting to make the most of their advertising dollars have a virtual goldmine of opportunity awaiting them in the social media realm. Nowadays, the average consumer responds to cold calls and direct mailings in much the same way someone would respond to using a rotary phone or a typewriter. Since marketing and advertising campaigns rely heavily on existing communication mediums, as these mediums evolve so must the methods used to get the message out. Data from a survey done by MarketingProfs show companies with 1,000 Facebook likes gained a 185 percent increase in Web traffic. Cultivating a growing customer base is one thing; cultivating a loyal customer base is another.
When it comes to relationship-building, people spend more time interacting on social media sites than they do through email, on the phone and in face-to-face interactions.
A social media consultant uses social media sites to build recognition for your business brand through ongoing interactions with site users. As each social media site offers different tools and features for their users, social media strategists can present a business in ways that best optimize its brand exposure while targeting ready customers. Considering the number of active social media sites online, developing content suited to each site’s style takes a certain degree of know-how, not to mention time. Another aspect of the online world has to do with trends or trending topics and the way they influence conversations on social media sites. As with any marketing campaign, social media marketing uses a pre-planned strategy that’s designed to accomplish certain goals and objectives.
For example, a restaurant can use Twitter’s running commentary to post impromptu specials while Facebook’s conversational flow can be used to announce upcoming specials or special events. Social media consultants work closely with your business to develop the types of brand-specific messages and content that attracts your target audience. Just like attorneys who speak on behalf of their clients in the courtroom, social media consultants become the marketing voice of your business. This entry was posted in Blogging, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Social Media, Twitter on September 3, 2013 by Jaclyn Freedman. Wizler Social Media consulting is designed as the perfect service to allow small and medium sized businesses to meet their social media marketing needs at a very reasonable price. But we always encourage our clients not just to rely on marketing services to grow their business.

Keep your customers engaged with emails, blogs, newsletters, whitepapers, new products, promotions and contests.
Your current customers are most familiar with your brand, so show them how valuable they are and they’ll return the favour with more business. Now that you have happy, repeat customers who rave about you, it’s time to start your referral engine.
Online Referral Marketing involves techniques and tools that you can integrate into your everyday business to generate a steady flow of leads that have been referred by existing customers.
Great advice – a support network is something that people have to build for themselves but so often, we become complacent and just wait for things to happen for us, and we forget that we need to make things happen! The Books are definitely the backbone of anyone's business and need to be kept up-to-date.
It is so critical and unfortunately people do not always realize in this until they are struggling to survive. So many people overlook the bookkeeping early on in their business and it really hurts them.
The trick to making the most of this marketing metropolis has to do with know which tools or sites will deliver the best return on investment.
Traditional advertising methods are quickly becoming outdated in the eyes of a consumer who has little to no patience for aggressive sales tactics. Social media sites have become firmly established communication channels within today’s lifestyles.
Likewise, companies that generated anywhere from 51 to 100 Twitter followers received 106 percent more Web traffic than companies with 25 or less followers.
Most business owners well know it’s easier to sell a new product line to loyal customers than it is to new customers.
Social media consultants, in effect, turn your business and its brand into a social butterfly within the online world. A business can designate a department or point person to handle these tasks, but this can get expensive in terms of yet another employee to pay or “mouth-to-feed,” so-to-speak. Ultimately, the key to an every growing customer base lies in the ongoing interactions had with site visitors. Consequently, much of the shift from traditional marketing to social media marketing has to do with socializing as opposed to selling.
Likewise, monitoring and responding to user responses and questions also takes time and finesse. While these are but two examples of the tools available through social media sites, consultants work this formula into multiple social media sites as part of an overall marketing strategy. Consultants help draw out a business’ individual voice and niche by becoming familiar with a business’ market sector, its strengths and its mission.
Considering the potential for exposure and customer relationship opportunities, hiring a specialist in the social media field can generate considerable returns on a company’s marketing dollars. I do believe your blog will be the best from the many blog which are now currently available about net.
After all, marketing is not just a service, it’s not just a department, it IS the company. Do you ask them for feedback and testimonials, can they easily share their experiences on social networks like Facebook and Twitter? Or that someone is 4 times more likely to buy something when it’s referred by a friend?
There is a time and a place for a launch, but it does not have to be the only part of your marketing strategy. Many business owners do not enjoy the bookkeeping side of their business as they lack the knowledge of how to do it and because it is something that they do not enjoy it is not a priority on their to do list.
People would achieve so much more if they delegated and outsourced the aspects of their business that are not their strengths.

It takes hard work and commitment and the ability to see all aspects of the busienss including the bookkeeping!
This makes social media consultants the “now” step (as opposed to the “next” step) to carrying out an effective marketing campaign. With a social media consultant at the helm, a company can expect to receive non-stop exposure on a wide range of social media sites. Social media sites deliver on both counts: through word-of-mouth and through the relationship-building potential these sites offer.
When compared to other forms of advertising, none can deliver like social networking when it’s done right. By outsourcing social media campaigns, businesses employ specialists well-versed in the social media scene; specialists who can offer a higher return-on-investment at less cost than an in-house department. Social media consultants maintain these interactions by offering up brand-related content throughout the day, every day. Crafting brand-specific content into opportunities to interact with customers (and potential customers) is what a social media consultant does. Social media consultants also take advantage of the integrative nature of the Internet itself by connecting site profiles and newsfeeds to one another and ensuring all profiles and newsfeeds point back to your company’s website.
Social media consultants take this into consideration when developing content for company brands.
In effect, the differences between the various social media sites offer a myriad of tools for marketers to consider.
By doing so, consultants can craft brand-specific content that makes your company stand out from the crowd. However, if you do not do the bookkeeping yourself or if you have not hired a professional bookkeeper to do it for you then you are hurting your business. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram are just a few sites that host millions upon millions of users every day. No doubt, a significant time investment is required to market a business across this expanse of social media sites. When compared to traditional marketing, social media marketing has the very best chance of expanding a business’ customer base. Users who trust a company’s brand message are that much more likely to buy from that business.
In this way, your company’s brand remains fresh in the minds of site users and becomes a part of their everyday routine. These strategists post on behalf of businesses to social media accounts and monitor ongoing interactions from site users throughout the day. Consultants capitalize on these trends by using carefully placed keywords throughout a day’s worth of postings to a company’s media account.
In terms of how quickly these sites have caught on, in 2012, Facebook alone saw a 28 percent increase in their daily active user base from 2011. A social media consultant specializes in the ins and outs of the online world while keeping the best interests of your business in mind. Under these conditions, a business’ website can draw massive amounts of traffic from a deftly executed social media approach. If you do not know your profitability that how can you expect to grow your business into something bigger?

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