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The following questions and answers are intended to provide general background information only.
Q: Can all nuclear or radiological emergencies affect food, feed and commodities grown on land or in water?
No, only emergencies that result in a release of radioactive material to the atmosphere or to water bodies outside of the facility can directly affect food and commodities. Additional exposure of the workers during agricultural works should be also taken into account. There are internationally agreed Codex Guideline Levels for radionuclides in internationally traded food following a nuclear or radiological emergency. Q: How can radioactive materials (radionuclides) enter plant products during the early stage of the nuclear emergency? Q: In what ways can radionuclides contaminate farm animals and animal products after a nuclear accident? Seek information and instructions from the relevant radiation protection authority, for example by radio, TV or internet. Q: How protect crops can be protected from direct contamination if there is a possibility that radionuclides will be released into the air? Q: What can be done to mitigate the effects of radioactive contamination on livestock and contamination of animal products in the early period after the nuclear accident? Q: Can crops accumulate radioactive materials from contaminated soils even when they are planted after the deposition (fallout) of radionuclides has ceased?
Yes, contaminated soil can be a source for radionuclide transfer to plants over long periods of time. Q: What are main factors determining contamination of plants in the long-term after the deposition?

A decrease with time in the radionuclide activity concentrations both in farm and wild food is a typical phenomenon observed in the environment. Q: How can we reduce contamination of arable land, once deposition (fallout) of radioactive material has ceased? Actions that minimize soil, water and wind erosion can reduce the spread of radioactive contamination from soil. Q: What can be done to reduce contamination of plants once the deposition (fallout) of radioactive material has ceased?
Q: What measures can be taken to reduce the levels of radiocaesium in contaminated livestock in the long term after the nuclear accident?
Initially, in the early stage of the accident, the most important issue is to characterize how the contamination is spread across the environment. If possible, it should be carried out in a “scanning mode” with the measurements being taken by instruments mounted on vehicles such as cars, vans, tracks, aeroplanes or helicopters. Q: Can radionuclide activity concentrations be measured in live animals or only in slaughtered animals? Q: Why is it that “wild-foods” from natural and semi-natural environments can be found with higher levels of radionuclides that foods produced on farms? The Ministry of Food and Agriculture also wishes to remind all defaulters of the 2KR Japanese grant assistance programme ( from 1983-2009) to endeavour to settle their debts immediately in order to sustain the programme and also to avoid any legal action. All payments should be made by Banker’s draft payable to the Accountant, Agricultural Engineering Services Directorate ( AESD), Accra.
Also, radiation can affect agricultural plants and animals resulting in detrimental biological effects.
So although it is of concern, it may only be present in the environment for several weeks after the release has occurred.

Intake via drinking water is in general only a relatively small contributor to the total radionuclide concentrations in animals. It is precautionary, and only useful if implemented before the radioactive cloud has reached the crops. The removed crop materials can then be buried by deep ploughing beyond the rooting depth of vegetating crops. As a result, the biological availability of radionuclides for incorporation into food chains is reduced after deposition.
However, the removal of surface soil can result in a large volume of contaminated soil which will need to be either stored or disposed of in a safe manner. As a soil management option, this involves changing both the ratio and application-rates of individual elements that are needed by plants.
This involves manipulating the slaughter time and taking the animals meat in a season of the year when the contamination level is at its lowest. These techniques can be used to measure concentrations of radionuclides (gamma-emitters, such as caesium isotopes) in animals.
Radionuclides may persist in these environments and be available for uptake into plants and animals for a greater period of time than they would in agricultural environments. We seek only partners whose Vision, Mission and Core Values are in alignment with ours.A  Please designate your interest using theA Inquiry form on the "Contact Us" page.

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