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Tilling and working soil increases porosity for root growth and moisture penetration and drainage.
The process also helps to smooth garden bed and allows a chance to remove rocks, invasive roots and other debris, making way for tender seedlings. Wet soil tilling with farm or garden equipment further compresses the soil where tires and feet weigh it down. Tilling wet soil squeezes together soil particles and inhibits seed germination and young root growth. For a hardcore gardener, waiting until the season starts is similar to the struggle a small child has waiting until Christmas morning. Well amended beds with plenty of organic matter resist compaction when wet much better than clay or loam. The effect of tillage on wet soil is simply not worth the impulse to till soggy garden beds. If a bed is more or less ready to go, it is not too late to plant a crop of early peas in it.
They always say that spring is the season of promise, and so we're all eager to get out there and put in the garden. Article copyright of Barbara Damrosch, author of "The Garden Primer." Originally published in The Washington Post and reprinted with permission. I have worked professionally in the field of horticulture since 1977 and write a weekly column for The Washington Post called A Cook's Garden.
KGI is a nonprofit community of over 30,000 people who are growing some of our own food and helping others to do the same. Bogs are an important guard against flooding, absorbing and slowing down stormwater runoff. I am not much of a gardener--so I hope someone has seen these things and can tell me what I have.
The urge to get dirty and start the growing process is keenest on a rare sunny day when soils are no longer frozen. It also allows the gardener to work in important soil amendments such as compost, leaf litter or other organic aids.

However, tilling wet soil can also compact the medium, making large chunks that dry into virtual cinder blocks. The soil should be dry to the touch in the top 6 to 8 inches, with no held moisture in the lower zones of the bed. Better to spend some time perusing those seed catalogs and planning the landscape while you wait for a cessation in rain and some sunny rays to dry out the beds. Nothing is worse for wet soil that to step on it, till it, dig it or disturb it in any way. For areas where it is necessary to step, you can lay down wide boards or pieces of plywood to distribute your weight and spare the soil some degree of compaction. Mark a row with string, then just poke your finger along it, making one-inch-deep holes two inches apart and dropping the pea seeds into them.
It has been open (it was contained in a bucket), but moisture, apparently from the air, has gotten in to the bag, and the fertilizer is moist. Use containers like half barrels, buckets, large flowerpots or old bathtubs to create mini-habitats more appropriate for plants needing drier conditions. To be successful in doing up your garden beautifully, it is essential to have a vast knowledge base with respect to the kind of soil that your land has, suitable plants that can grow in that particular type of soil and necessary precautions that one should take for enriching your land and last but not the least how to take care of your plants along with protecting them. Early wet soil tilling might seem to be beneficial and a kick start to planting but it does have its drawbacks. Turning the soil allows oxygen to penetrate the earth for root uptake and to aid aerobic bacteria in their composting work.
In the worst case scenario, you will have to add organic matter, gritty materials or even plant a winter cover crop to help break up the pressurized particles.
So even though you'd love to give it some TLC in the form of nice, fluffy peat moss or compost to lighten its heavy load, you can't do that until it dries out. I have a stand composter that must be tumbled by hand I do that occasionally and try to give kitchen scraps weekly. Plant cabbages and other members of the Brassica family- kale, cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli are all good choices for cool, damp ground. Build frames from rot resistant treated tiber or even plastic and fill with soil as high as possible to allow plenty of room for roots to grow so they don’t sit in wet soil beneath the beds.

Stack two or three tires one atop another and fill with soil for a quick, recycled raised bed. Follow few tips for wet soil for a good harvest.5 Best Gardening Tips For Planting SeedsThe first and the foremost thing to be aware about is the kind of soil your land has, essentially is it wet or not?
The effect of tillage on wet soil can have long-reaching negative impacts on soil and plant health. The optimum water content for tillage varies by soil, but ideally it should be at least mostly dry for the best results.
The clay soil for which the area is famous will just clump up, sealing off the crevices and worm tunnels that are its best hope for fast draining.
This plan is your best hope of going into next spring with soil that will bounce back quickly. Build sides to at least 30cm high- or higher if you want to growing root crops like carrots or turnips. Around 25% air and 25% water retaining ability is required for any type of soil to support good plantation.Excess of water as in the case of wet soil is due to poor drainage and high water retention capabilities of the soil. Or build a long planting box with a trellis attached to it, and grow them as a container crop. After you have tilled or raked in these amendments, spread a thin layer of straw that you will later rake off in spring.
This property make it unsuitable for plantation as it leads to water related problems in plants due to excessive water.
For spring lettuce, scatter a layer of mature, sifted compost in an inch-deep layer, sow your seeds in that and mulch the bed later on so that the compost doesn't dry out.

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