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Being a regular patron in this area (my college is just nearby only), I am pretty aware of the new restaurants coming up here.
Right after that, we had another main course with gigantic portion again, Fish Cordon Bleu for Rm 9.90. Grilled Fish with Creamy Sauce (Rm 9.90) was the one with smallest portion of the day, it was topped with some sort of Mushroom cream sauce which was just okay. We also had a side order of fruit juice, this was their Vitamin ABC (Rm 3.50) which has Orange, Celery and Carrot blended together. According to my aunt, the Black Pepper Chicken Chop is just as normal as the other black pepper chicken chop from other places. According to my cousin-in-law's taste bud, this is one of the best lamb chops which can be found in Miri. A typical Malaysian that loves to venture, discover and explore the one and only mother Earth! The blog records Ken's gastronomic journey in search of Penang's greatest street food and finest eats. Came across to this Jeff & Wind Western Delights few days ago, its located at the place where the pasar malam (night market) on Saturday is usually at, it should not be too hard to locate this place as its facing the main road of Sungai Dua and they do have an eye-catching banner hanging right in front of their restaurant. The portion was obviously very big with such pricing, it comes with a crisply toasted Garlic Bread, some fresh Salad which uses some sort of Italian Dressing, some French Fries and a huge slice of Sirloin Steak. You'll get yourself a small bowl of Soup of the day, a drink and a scoop of Ice Cream with Rm4, top up to Rm5.50 to get yourself a cup of fresh fruit juice.

Some ham and cheese were sandwiched with two slices of fish fillet and deep fried till crisp. The fish fillet was grilled and possessed a very strong herb-flavor, but its definitely a good choice for those who prefer grilled food over fried food. They were having Cream of Mushroom Soup that day, it comes with a slice of Garlic Bread too. Always carry his camera gears wherever he goes, except to class (unless got special occasion). Currently, undergoing 4th (final) year Mechanical Engineering in Curtin University, Sarawak. Jeff & Wind Western Delights is a newly opened restaurant serving western delights mainly, and it's being managed by two young owners-- Jeffrey and Wind Seow.
Simply run your knife through the fish and observe the cheese from oozing out from the fish fillet. Wide range of choices available as well, they do not serve Western food only but they do serve some rice set during lunch hour and they are actually very reasonably priced. As for the fries, they came out with their "soggy-kinda" look, it would be much better if they could serve the fries separately and make them more crispy. The Chicken and Lamb were grilled to perfection, the meat still maintained the juiciness within, but the Barbecue sauce was more to the sweeter side in my opinion. We do requested for some a slice of Lemon and Tartar sauce just to add in the extra flavor.

Ambiance was not too shabby and some parking space can be found around the area (you might need to walk further up to Vanda Business Park).
They do serve Garlic Bread (usual white bread, not Baguette), French Fries and Salad as side dishes.
The Cordon Bleu was okay in taste, the fish was okay and the overall taste was okay either.
They do provide a space for customers to host birthday parties or any parties on first floor of their restaurant as well, for more information on that, do call and ask them personally. Their succulent and juicy steak was very good either, I opted for Medium Well and to top with Red Wine sauce. I would go for the fish dishes though - they look sooooo good and they're soooooo cheap! Moreover, they do have discounts of 10% during their entire opening month (until the end of May) on ala-carte items. However, I could not actually taste any Red Wine aroma in the sauce, but it tasted more to Black Pepper Sauce instead.

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