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IngredientsTurkey, Chicken Liver, Chicken, Chicken Broth, Carrots, Natural Chicken Flavor, Sweet Potatoes, Squash, Zucchini, Cranberries, Blueberries, Guar Gum, Carrageenan, Ground Flaxseed, Potassium Chloride, Calcium Carbonate, Dicalcium Phosphate, Taurine, Iron Proteinate (a source of Chelated Iron), Beta-Carotene, Zinc Proteinate (a source of Chelated Zinc), Vitamin E Supplement, Choline Chloride, Cobalt Proteinate (a source of Chelated Cobalt), Thiamine Mononitrate, Copper Proteinate (a source of Chelated Copper), Folic Acid, Manganese Proteinate (a source of Chelated Manganese), Niacin, d-Calcium Pantothenate, Sodium Selenite, Vitamin D-3 Supplement, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Riboflavin Supplement, Vitamin A Supplement, Vitamin B-12 Supplement, Potassium Iodide, Biotin. She ScribesNew York Blogger, Influential Mom Blogger, PR Friendly and Brand Ambassador with a focus on Entertainment, Reviews, Giveaways, Parenting, Technology, Recipes, Pets, Health and Lifestyle. Related Posts:No Related Posts About KimberlyKimberly Vetrano resides in the suburbs of New York City with her family and "mini zoo" consisting of five cats, a dog and a Goldfish. Make your photos beautiful and show off your creativity with this free online photo editor. Fresh fruits and vegetables help round out the nutritional benefits to create a delicious tasting food cats love. To transition, gradually mix in the new food over a 5-7 day period, increasing the amount of Wellness each day, so that you are feeding 100% Wellness by day 7.Feed at room temperature. At the time, it was the only product available with cranberries in it; an ingredient famous for its ability to prevent bacteria from attaching to the urethra and bladder walls, thus helping prevent UTIs. We use turkey as our most plentiful ingredient because it is a flavorful, digestible protein source. In 2016 both retailers and manufacturers of the Wellness brand provide cat owners with some reprieve through these Wellness cat food coupons when purchasing their favorite cat food products. It is formulated with the same nutrition as dry formula, yet increases your cats water intake. Best of all, there are no junk ingredients (meat by-products, artificial colors, flavorings, preservatives, or animal fat). After 3 trips to the Vet in 6 months, I switched to Wellness 8 months ago: 100% UTI free ever since.
Like ALL other cat species, they regularly eat grasses and small fruits to satisfy nutritional cravings and support regularity. The reason being it is very rich, and 2 professionals (my Holistic vet included) have seen cats develop urinary tract issues. It is helping him to maintain his weight which in the past was very difficult for him to do.
Cats typically do not drink enough water so wet food is a very good to include in their daily diet. This recipe also includes delicious sweet potatoes and carrots as an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and beta-carotene.

In many cases those Wellness coupons are also accepted when buying your cats favorite treats and snacks.Before making a mark as a manufacturer and vendor of high quality food for pets, Wellness Pet Food began as a humble dog biscuit company called Old Mother Hubbard which was incorporated in 1926. When she is not working or blogging, Kimberly enjoys taking photos of nature and hanging out with family and friends.
Canned Food is available in 2 varieties: cubed with nourishing spinach, and minced with wholesome carrots and tomatoes to help add variety to your cat's everyday diet.
There are now other choices for cat food with cranberries or cranberry extracts; all more expensive. In other words: taste is UNIQUE to each animal, and must be selected through trial and error.
Sweet potatoes might not be my first ingredient choice, but the point is to achieve the proper balance of energy types, vitamins and minerals. Fresh, whole cranberries and blueberries are added to help maintain proper urinary tract health. Each ingredient is included to provide a nutritional benefit to your cat's health, which means there are no empty calories in this food. My cats have never been healthier and their Vet is pleased with their weights, coats, skin, etc.
If you have an idiotic husband who would rather have a herd of hungry cats but still maintain an unwarranted sense of accomplishment, buy Spot's Stew and feed it to them on the DL before your cats start sporting the Heroin Chic look. Old Mother Hubbard believed in manufacturing tasty and healthy food for dogs.In 1961, Jim Scott Sr, an animal nutritionist bought the company and moved its location from Gloucester to the upbeat Lowell in Massachusetts.
Today, Wellness Pet Food is reckoned as one of the finest makers and suppliers of supplements and food products for dogs and cats as well as other pets. Their manufacturers use 100% natural ingredients, healthy recipes and formulas to create the most enriching, tasty and beneficial food products for the beloved pets of their loyal consumers. Wellness Pet Food has launched a whole range of Wellness Cat Food to provide nutrition for the feline creatures. The Cat Food dry recipes are also recipes that are formulated without allergens like soy and corn so as to keep the cats healthy and happy. Like most of the other pet food brands (such as Science Diet), Wellness tries to cater for pets of all dispositions and at every age level.
The unique nutritional needs of both kittens and mature cats are taken into consideration when formulating such recipes.

The core formulas of grain and rice are full of essential fibers which are equally crucial for cats. Other than these virtues, the dry recipes of Wellness Cat Food are also rich in deposits of minerals like magnesium, potassium and calcium as well.
Other than that, all the dry recipes have been made with lesser calories and sugars as well. Also, many of these products do not have adversities and they do not cause any health problems for cats.Wellness Wet Cat Food RecipesWhile the Wellness Cat Food dry recipes are quite nourishing, it is obvious that cats need to be properly hydrated in order to remain healthy. The Complete Health range also consist of wet recipes made of healthy materials like chicken, lobster, herring, turkey, trout and beef. These are all healthy and tasty formulas and come in varieties for all cats at all age groups.Wellness Grain-Free Cat Food RecipesOther than dry and wet foods, Wellness Pet Food has also unveiled a selection of Core Grain Free Recipes for the cats. The unique selling point of this range is that the products are pure, concentrated sources of healthy meat protein, instead of being full of carbs.
The benefit of the grain free recipes is that they contain only rich and fat-free animal protein which can help to nurture the growth of cats. They do not contain carbs, sugars and calories which can be quite damaging to the cats even at low levels. For cats that are particularly sensitive this is a good thing and cat owners can use Wellness cat food coupons towards purchasing these cat favorites.Wellness Pure Delights Snacks And TreatsLike us human beings, our feline pets also need to enjoy snacks and treats.
This is why Wellness Cat Food has launched a dazzling range of exotic snacks and treats much to your cats delight. They are collectively called Pure Delights Snacks and Treats and are made with exotic and evocative recipes with tantalizing ingredients. These are a bit on the expensive side and Wellness coupons are highly recommended when purchasing them.
They are without carbs and wheat and rich in doses of proteins and amino acids.Wellness Complete Health Cat Food SeriesThe bestselling Complete Health series of the Wellness Cat Food brand consists of a variety of products which can be categorized into either Dry Recipes, Wet Recipes or Treats. With the Complete Health Series emphasis is placed on providing the cat with a health well balanced diet at every stage of development and making use of Wellness cat food coupons will help ensure that you provide your cat with nothing but the best.As part of their customer service contribution and in an effort to endulge and provide customers with increased convenience Wellness has established a database of nutritional facts, on the ingredients used in producing their various products, on their website.

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