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Gallon milk jugs filled with water stand at the ready to offer a drink to newly planted tomato seedlings. Instead of using the hose directly, I use the hose to fill plastic milk jugs, which I position strategically around the garden.
Water at the base of the plant.  Overhead watering is inefficient and can be damaging to plants because it is more likely to spread disease. Water in the morning or evening.  Much more water is lost to evaporation when you water in the middle of the afternoon.
Hi Susan- Yes, you’re right that blossom end rot can be from over watering and lack of calcium.
This is an environment-friendly  garden at Pantukan, Compostela Valley Province, Philippines.
This could a great idea for those who love gardening as hobby; one of the ideas that hits two birds with one stone — reducing solid waste and having fresh vegetables on your table.

Here in Connecticut, it generally rains once a week or so, and most of the time, that’s more than enough for my vegetables. It is not necessary to water you garden every day, or even every other day, even in times of extremely hot weather. I cut off the vine a few dozen little tomatoes last week because they had BER, due I’m sure to overwatering. Because I plant out my seedlings in slight depressions, the water passes quickly to the roots, where it is needed.My solution ain't the prettiest, of course, and if you want to, you can get yourself a fancy copper watering can for well over $100 that will perform essentially the same function as the humble jug. You can find the first article about beating the weeds here and planting for big fall harvests here. I gave them calcium and adjusted the watering schedule and those plants are looking much happier! You mentioned to mulch the garden… Do you recommend I wait until the plants are visibly growing out of the soil, or should I mulch before the seeds have even sprouted?

Some of the popular brands I have worked with are Canon, Nikon, Milo, Coca-cola, Pepsi, and L'Oreal Paris. One problem is that I have them planted in straw bales and I thought they would need more frequent watering because water seeps out of bales so fast, but I guess I was wrong. If you don't believe me, try this: Water a garden bed for what you think is a sufficient time, then scratch the surface of the bed.

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