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Season 11, Episode 8: Lifestyle BrandWith a focus on their lifestyle brands, the Finalists first create and present a dish that a home cook can prepare in 30 to 45 minutes. The Next Food Network Star is a program on the Food Network in which hopeful chefs vie to host their own show on the station. A five-course meal composed of nothing but over-the-top guilty pleasure dinners is prepared by the remaining finalists during a challenge that ends with one hopeful going home. Robert Irvine challenges the remaining finalists to create a dish worthy of a world-class motorsports tailgate party. Season 12 begins with the hopefuls shooting a 30-second screen test to be shown at a VIP event in Los Angeles.
Season 11 comes to a close with a winner being named by Food Network president Brooke Johnson. The finalists work in pairs for a challenge that finds them operating their own food trucks and creating a social media promo video to entice people to try their dishes. Pizzas with "kicked up" flavors are created to impress guest judge Duff Goldman, plus the winner will inspire an upcoming item on a Cici's menu.
The finalists are split into teams to feed guests, including judge Bobby Deen, at a Fourth of July cookout.
Probably the biggest success story is found in Guy Fieri who has so much personality that he cannot be denied. Time is running out to vote (voting is now closed) for this year's newest Food Network Star. Hey Pie People, Don’t forget to tune in to The Next Food Network Star tonight at 9pm and cheer on Rodney, The Pie Man, Henry!  The Canton Shop will be airing the show and running our Date Night Special from 7pm-10pm.  2 slices of savory pies, 2 slices of sweet pies and 2 drinks for $20!

Then, they cook and film a video for a dish that reflects a holiday through their culinary point of view.
Patrick's Day, Cinco de Mayo, Mardi Gras, New Year's Eve, or Easter - and take turns planning and throwing their own holiday special. And as each new season commences we see more contestants vying for the coveted role of The Next Food Network Star. He even hosts a game show on the NBC network now called Minute To Win It along with his popular Diner’s, Drive-in’s, and Dives plus Guy’s Big Bite (both on the Food Network). Will you join Damaris on her journey in helping guys woo their mates with Southern food on Eat, Date, Love? If your in Hampden, you can watch at Rocket to Venus or if in Fells stop by Lil Phil’s!  The pie shop has free WiFi…so come on in, eat pie, watch the show and vote for Rodney!  PIESTYLE! It truly can be a life altering prize that has “made” stars of the likes of Guy Fieri, Aaron McCargo, Jr., Adam Gertler, and Melissa d’Arabian among others. Appearing as a contestant on Next Food Network Star is a golden opportunity for an aspiring chef who has a standout personality and those who enter are a widely diverse group that may consist of food bloggers, sous chefs, dietitians, personal or executive chefs, and even the occasional attorney who have dreamt of one day being a famous chef.
After cooking and demoing a dish based on an assigned theme, the Finalists cook a dish and host their own segment of a live ensemble show. The Food Network competition is stiff and aspiring chefs from all over the US apply for the opportunity to compete for a show of their own on the popular network.
Contestants were on their own in earlier seasons, but later the competition changed to divide them into teams mentored by celebrity chefs.
The experience of these aspiring stars varies from professional to amateur, and the producers are not just looking for good cooks.

Equal importance is placed on contestants' charisma and their comfort in front of a camera. This includes the ability to think and tell stories on the fly and to recover quickly from setbacks as well as basic skills like timing and measured, enunciated speaking. As a result, various challenges along the way test contestants' readiness for television alongside the food they produce. Hopefuls who are skilled in the kitchen but unable to convey an enthusiasm to viewers are cut. Constructive criticism and regular feedback allow the remaining chefs to hone both their cooking and presentation skills over the course of the show. The more successful cooks will know who their audience is and how they want to sell themselves to viewers.
Essentially, they have the opportunity to deliver an extended pitch to both viewers and the selection committee.
A focused identity, whether on Italian home cooking or healthy cuisine or party planning, is essential to success.Many of the winners and runners-up have gone on to host food shows.
Popular Food Network personalities including Bobby Flay, Alton Brown and Giada de Laurentiis have appeared regularly on the show as judges and coaches.

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