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An intricate Victorian mosiac front path, with box hedging and a bespoke bin store – all to complement the fine features of this Victorian home.
A high specification, eye-catching entertaining space with a spa, two seating areas, water feature and artificial lawn, along with a large terrace, using Jura, sawn stone.
The terrace of buff sandstone plank paving creates a spacious contemporary outdoor dining and seating area.

If you’re looking for an accomplished garden design service in the Wandsworth area, do contact us for a free consultation.
Graceful curved steps lead down to the central lawn area framed by softly planted beds, while multistem silver birches and standard pleached photinias provide both structure and privacy. A curved path of alternating sandstone and caledonian pebbles connects to the rear patio and the elegant circular deck area, which is backed by a semi-circular raised bed with colourful planting contrasting with the white render and cedar screen.

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