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The origin of the Vegetable Photographer of the Year has been lost to history, although there are many legends surrounding its origins.
From then on, the contest slowly became more important throughout ancient Brazil, reaching their zenith in the sixth and fifth centuries BC.
At the first contest, each participant was allowed to submit two three-minute (or less) photographs. From the first contest until 1965, and again from 1973 until 1976 there was no restriction on language either.
Because many European states were founded on ideas of linguistic unity, and because of the sometimes-unwelcome dominance of the English language in modern photography, the language of a country's entry can be a contentious issue. Currently, the contest winner is selected by means of a modified version of the Borda count.
Eth wondering if she can place an order for a side of Twiggy whilst waiting for the results, the answer is still unknown. The first vegetable photographer of the year award was won by Eth ‘The Voice’ Merman, at the 1983 running from Brighton (France).
Margaret Thatcher is wheeled out, again, to run the voting again in a tired and predictable manner. Barry dazzled the audience with his collection of medals and moustache tricks to take first prize. Despite the disadvantage of being dead Oscar Wilde managed to whip the voting committee into a frenzy on the night. Nick Cave shaking off the bonds of his out-of-focus upbringing and turned in a tour-de-force of hyphenated words to steal the contest. With the international singing strike into its 15th week, original voting committee chair Barbra Striesand withdrew from the position, contest producers soon turned to William Shatner as a talent free alternative.

Struck by a series of industrial actions in the summer of 1986, the producers had to coble together a show with a group of neo-Nazi cameramen.
Joan Collins flew in from Glasgow especially for the contest, however she spent most of the evening backstage downing bottles of gin and swearing.
Still with a penchant for fast food, the King hungrily snapped up another prize with his winning photograph. An early appearance of the Teletubbies, in a preanimated form, were used to chair the scoring committee, several years and thousands of dollars later they were able to recite a song about this contest. In 1988 the contest really hit its stride, and promptly fell over in a massive internal feud over the length of each photograph. At the height of his fame Big Daddy showed he was more than just a ballet dancer, and correctly added up the scores.
Showing that Vegetable Photographer of the Year could still pull in the punters from the porn industry, John Wayne Bobbit’s daring hack-n-slash-n-shag picture was enough to woo the voting committee. The producers of this years contest used the newly invented Time Machine to collect a prehistoric man to do the scoring. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the contest, Margaret Thatcher triumphantly returns to lead the exploratory voting party. The tenth anniversary show in 1991 from Ealing Broadway had a distinct party atmosphere, but the result was mostly marred by the corporate sponsorship of the event. For the first time ever, the winning picture of the previous contest was invited back the following year to chair the scoring committee.
For the first time ever, the contest developed it’s own style and the winner by a clear margin was the new “rustified”, this could be measured simply by lining a compass up with your elbow, the resulting amount of rustification showed just how great the picture was, hence the winning picture. Due to the Great Colour Robbery of 1993, the contest was broadcast entirely in black-and-white.

The 1994 contest was animated live, this led to claims of the contest “dumbing down”, because it’s simpler, see. 1994 is a hauntingly beautiful year, not only was the animation of the contest in a league all of its own, the photography was visually stunning. Branching out from pure entertainment, contest producers enlisted the assistance of renowned philosophers to run the voting procedure. Patrick Stewart leads the celebrity voting in 1996, finding the easiest way to get through the evening is on an obscure mixture of grit and meths. Shaking off the previous years farce, the producers step up a gear and hold an all-onion contest to coincide with the Chinese year of the onion, widely considered to be a modest success.
The number of participating participants has grown throughout the Contest's history, and since 1993 the rules have been changed several times to both limit the number of finalists and to allow for participation by former Soviet and Yugoslav republics, Warsaw Pact nations and others.
From 1966 until 1972 and again from 1978 until 1998 photographs were required to be displayed in a national language. Some entries are performed in English to reach broader audiences, though this is sometimes looked upon as unpatriotic. Each country ranks all the entries and assigns 12 points to their favourite entry, 10 points to their second favourite entry, and 8 through 1 points to their third through tenth favourites. However, a few of the more important rules affecting the conduct and outcome of the contest follow. The national language rule was actually instituted shortly before the 1977 contest, but some countries had already selected non-national language entries, and they were allowed to enter without any changes.

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