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Vegetarian Buffet At Khun Churn, Chiang MaiThis is definitely the best buffet meal I’ve had had anywhere in the world. Yellow Curry At Pun Pun, Chiang MaiThe menu at Pun Pun is extensive, and includes appetizers, special dishes, salads, spicy salads, fried noodles, noodle soup, pasta & spaghetti, fried rice, stir fried dishes, soups, curries, sweets, and drinks. Outdoor Seating At Pun Pun Vegetarian RestaurantThe seating at Pun Pun is arranged around a giant boddhi tree, and it’s a very relaxing area.
Massaman Curry at May Kaidee, Chiang MaiMy favorite Thai dish is massaman curry, and the best I have found has been at May Kaidee at Ratvithi Road. Delicious Vegetarian Food At P&P Coffee, Chiang MaiI don’t often eat at non-vegetarian places, as I usually find the food quite boring. P&P Coffee – A Small Cafe In Chiang MaiThe menu doesn’t have a vegetarian section, so you just need to ask for whatever dish you want, and the owner will cook it for you. Deep Fried Tofu In Soy SauceEach dish is priced at around 50 baht, which is excellent value for money for the quality of food.
Funky Monkey Cafe, Chiang MaiFunky Monkey is another non-veggie place that serves veggie food. Aubaon Vegetarian Cafe, Chiang MaiIf you’re on a tight budget, then Aubaon could be the place for you.
Aum – this is located on Moon Muang Road, opposite Thae Pae Gate, and next to Black Canyon Coffee. Renegade Travels is here to show you how to travel the world on a budget, while still having a fantastic time. Bloggers, you can use photographs from here for free, if your your blog is non-commercial.
Commercial use is restricted to the web and although photos are FREE, attribution is required. Going to places of interest is a fun-filled adventure that does involve amusement, but sometimes it can become a burden also when it comes to food; especially if the traveler is a hardcore vegetarian. In view of this backdrop, here is an attempt and just a guideline to help all the green-stuff lovers like me who can plan well in advance and accordingly do their bookings in a hotel for accommodation so as to avoid the end moment hunt for food of their choice.
There are some real good vegetarian outlets in Dubai, but most of them have been opened by Indians and that’s why chances are that you might end up over eateries where they serve Indian cuisines only. Moreover Dubai has a large number of cafes that do serve great vegetarian food, say for e.g. Precaution: Strict vegetarians kindly make sure that whatever you order is completely meat free as chances are that some restaurants might cook it with animal fat or on the same grill as the meat dishes and also about the ingredients of the dishes as well.

Thank you , I love to read about other vegetarians as it gives me the strength to continue.
Thanks for sharing information of address and location of vegetarian restaurants in Dubai.
But I noticed this very small cafe advertising vegetarian food, so I decided to give it a try. It’s a very small cafe on Ratchamanka Soi 3, about 20 metres on the left when walking from Ratpakinai Road.
We cover Southeast Asia in depth, particularly Thailand, and have also recently added around 15 countries in Europe.
Many times business trips, transfers or mere tourist visits lead an individual to take up a tour to a distant country. Also the number of such special restaurants isn’t much but around 50-60 good vegetarians restaurants are there in the Dubai that definitely cater to the foods needs of veggies. The Lime Tree Cafe, THE One and Celebrities where one can relish fine dining over a completely separate vegetarian menu. Have just recently moved to Dubai and am trying to find out which places I can eat at that also believe in clean, green and healthy (as I do!). I have about a thousand vegetarian feeds in my google reader, but another can’t hurt!! I’m supposed to cook for my new vegan girlfriend next weekend and have no idea what to make!
Rather than list all the ones we’ve been to, we have instead made a list of our favorite places.
Khun Churn is a bit of an institution in Chiang Mai, and the food is loved by both vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. There is kadhi, which is made of gram flour and buttermilk, dal which is made of lentils, as well as several types of vegetables. High-class organic vegetarian food is also available in Magnolia, a restaurant in Madinat Jumeirah. I was concerned about my diet but now iam relaxed that i will get some quality vegetarian food in dubai. So if you’re not a vegetarian, you should still give this a try, because you’ll most likely love the food.
The vegetarian food here is better than at many of the vegetarian places in Chiang Mai, and elsewhere in Thailand.

I’ve tried stir fry with basil, deep fried tofu in soy sauce (this is on the menu), papaya salad, and cucumber salad. I usually eat Thai food, but sometimes I need something a little different, and the falafel at Funky Monkey hits the spot.
The white coloured dish is dahi wada which is a fried lentil crouton in curd, chopped tomato and cucumber salad, roasted papad and rotis. There is a choice of around six hot dishes, 6-8 soups, numerous salads, drinks, rice, dips and more.
Most dishes cost around 40-60 baht, which is very reasonable considering the high quality of the food. When you enter the main gate of Wat Suan Dok, just keeping going straight ahead until you come to the Monk Chat building on your right. They only serve white rice, but if you ask for brown rice they can get it from a cafe two doors away.
One of the vegetable dishes comprises of a paneer (cottage cheese which is popular in Indian vegetarian meals) and green peas curry. It’s just a simple shophouse that’s very sparsely furnished, so it doesn’t win any prizes for ambiance, but the food more than makes up for that. There are a choice of about 8 hot dishes, and also a few deep fried options such as spring rolls. I wouldn’t go out of my way to go here, but if you’re in the area it could be a good choice.
I don’t know anywhere else in the world that you could get such a great lunch for such a low price. It’s on Nantaram Road, just opposite the junction with Wulai Road (where the Saturday night market takes place). Select photos by using the SEARCH function under the Archives, found at the bottom of page (my email id is there too) or labels at bottom of each post.

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