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Join for free and you'll gain instant access to our tracking and reporting tools, expert coaching tips, and a free trial to our personalized training and nutrition programs. Menus at Indian restaurants are filled with items that are vegetable-based or use lean cuts of meats, but there are still diet landmines in the mix. Any dish labeled as Dal, such as Dal Bukhara, is made with lentils and low in fatty oils and butter.
Dishes that include Paneer (cheese), like Palak Paneer and Kadhai Paneer, are made with full-fat cheese. While healthier than American gravy, Indian gravy is made from onions, tomatoes, salt, and spices cooked in a large amount of butter.
If you still can't decide what to order using the tips above, choose one of the dishes on our go-to list of healthy menu items. We were inspired by this post over at Bridges and Balloons to visit Capilla del Monte, a small town in a valley near Cordoba known for its UFO sightings and good vegetarian food.
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Yesterday, dying of heat, I had the bright idea of ignoring the fact that it’s October, and of pretending we are still in August. About Latest Posts Follow me!Lauren AloiseProfessional eater, writer, cook, food tour operator. Dishes like Malai Kofta and Palak Paneer are cooked with ingredients like oil, butter, cream, and high-fat cheese. Meats that are cooked Tandoori style are typically lean and marinated with yogurt and fresh spices. Opt for dishes made with fresh vegetables, like Aloo Gobi and Sukhi Bhindi, for a delicious, colorful meal that will help you feel fuller, longer.
This isn’t only available in Capilla del Monte by the way; we saw it on offer all over Cordoba province at this time of year (autumn)! At home, we begin to eat some of our favorite foods– rich and creamy concoctions that have been in hibernation for most of the fresh and healthy summer. I made Salmorejo for lunch and loaded up on the last of the summer fruit at the supermarket.
These lentil- and chickpea-based dishes are high in fiber and protein, which will help you feel fuller.

We went to Shangri-la on the main street for lunch both days we stayed in town and were very pleased with the cheap and generous portions.
Smooth pumpkin bisque for lunch, oven roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, and root vegetables for dinner, and sweet and crunchy apple crisp for dessert. I’m starting to see Fall produce at the fruit and vegetable stand next to my building, but I just can’t imagine cooking it in my hot, tiny kitchen.
When I saw the watermelons it triggered the memory of super refreshing Agua de Sandia that Ale and I enjoyed so much in Mexico. Fall has arrived, and, although it means that Winter lurks behind, I can’t help but love its crisp air, delicious produce, and cooking traditions. It’s 82 degrees out and my nice idea of an afternoon walk in the park quickly turns into a bad one. The Madrilenos say it’s been extra hot for this time of year and, normally, I’d never complain, but I happened to have left my summer wardrobe in El Puerto and I’m tired of re-wearing the only two T-shirts I brought here.

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