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The Veggetti works best with vegetables that have a tubular shape like zucchini, or cone-like shape like a carrot. Zucchini—snip the nose off the zucchini, and use the stem on the other end as a handle to guide the vegetable through the cutter. Yellow squash—snip the nose off the squash, and hold the vegetable along the thin end (the stem end) so that the thicker part of the vegetable is turned into noodles and there’s less waste. Cucumbers—snip the nose off, peel most of the skin but make sure to leave the skin on the gripping end so your hand doesn’t slip!
Carrots, Turnips, and other similar roots—cut ?” from the stem end (the thick end) and grip the thin end.
Sweet Potatoes, Yams, Potatoes, Beets—if the potato or beet is large, you may need to cut it down to a size that can be handled by the Veggetti. Here are four vegetables that only need one week of water and sunshine to regrow to a point where you can use them. Chop off the green part of the scallion, using it however you’d like, but leave about an inch of the white bottom intact.

Fennel has such a strong taste that you don’t need more than a few snips of fronds from the bulb to add to salads, dressings, and stocks.
The vegetable needs to be able to fit into the blades, and you need to be able to turn the vegetable easily in order to produce nice pasta strands. One simple ingredient can make an entire dish come together instantly, like a pinch of flaky sea salt sprinkled on chocolate or extra-virgin olive oil drizzled over vanilla ice cream (helpful suggestions from Alice Medrich). You should change the water when it gets cloudy, but otherwise, this method requires barely any effort.
Place, bottom down, in a a cozy mug or bowl that will allow the lettuce to lean without falling over, will hold enough water to cover the bottom half of the lettuce, and will allow sunlight to reach the lettuce. Put the stubs in a narrow drinking glass or shot glass so the scallions can lean without falling over.
Therefore, any irregular shaped vegetable, or any oversized or undersized vegetable will not work very well. Be careful to choose carrots that are not cracked, as cracks will cause short circles instead of long strands of pasta.

The book explains how to spiralize like a pro, and provides more delicious recipes than you can shake a stick at! Place the bulb in a mug or bowl that can hold enough water to cover the bottom half of the bulb while still allowing light to hit it.
You just need to regrow them and—here’s another miraculous part—it only takes one week. You should see growth by the next day, and you may even have enough to cook with in one week.
And really, all members of the turnip family (beets, turnips, parsnips) can regrow their greens this way, not just carrots.
One blogger said she bought a bunch of four scallions and has been regrowing and reusing them for two years.

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