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Even though it doesn’t seem like the planting season in the Philadelphia area or other places in the Northeast – it is and some seeds can even be planted now outdoors. You can easily gets organic seeds from many places locally and online at one of my new favorite places – Grow Organic.
If you are a beginner at gardening, or new to the area, consider checking out nearby agricultural colleges, county or state agricultural extension agencies, or local gardening clubs – and never forget about talking to area farmers to find out details specific to your area.Also, there is an elderly gardener or farmer near you, make their acquaintance and learn all you can from them!
I love to garden, decorate, be a little crafty, shop and just have fun with my family and friends.
The Rocky Mountains as well as the area in the northern part from the Great Lakes to the Pacific Northwest are all too cold during March to plant anything outdoors.

Image by MomPreparesI’ve only included 6 vegetables for each area of the country but these are the most common, most useful vegetables that are planted there during March. There are others, to be sure, and you should do a quick check to see all the plants for your area that should be started in March, if you are unsure.
A good rule of thumb to remember is that March is for planting cool season plants mainly but in some areas of the country tomatoes and corn go into the ground so investigate your area’s planting schedule thoroughly. Summer Gardens Get Started in MarchExcluding the far northern central states and the Rockies, most serious gardeners have lots of growing going on in March. Once you get the hang of growing your own food, you’ll no longer see March as dreary but as the sunny beginnings of a lush summer gardening season!

Whether you sow seeds to begin your own seedlings or you buy seedlings already growing, March is time to start sowing many of your summer vegetables.What are you growing right now?

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