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July and August typically are when gardeners get ready to harvest vegetables they planted in spring.
In some parts of Indiana, for example, the average first frost dates fall throughout October.
Gardeners in areas that experience hard winters typically plant fall gardens during July and August.
Semi-hardy vegetables include carrot (Daucos carota), lettuces (Lactuca sativa), celery (Apium graveolens var. If you've ever read the back of a vegetable's seed packet, chances are good that you've noticed the term days to harvest. If you want to plant semi-hardy vegetables that can tolerate light frosts, then find your planting date for them by subtracting their days to harvest from your location's average first frost date, and add a few days as a buffer. Even though gardeners in areas with hard winters may rely on July and August planting dates for their cool-season vegetables, gardeners in other areas have extended planting times for tender crops.
Vegetables That Are Perfect to Plant in Late Summer Ann's Entitled LifeTravel. Throughout much of the United States, however, those midsummer months are also the ideal times to plant fall crops. South, Southwest and Pacific Coast don't worry about hard frosts in autumn, those in the Midwest and Northeast know all too well what a frost can do to a tender plant. Their chosen crops, however, are semi-hardy or hardy, which means they tolerate light or hard frosts, respectively.

It means the amount of days the vegetable takes from the time a seed is sown until the resulting plant is ready for harvest. For example, many carrots are considered semi-hardy and have an average of 60 days to harvest.
Gardeners in northern Florida, for example, can plant cool-season vegetables in July, as well as a second round of tender, cold-intolerant vegetables such as tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum) and peppers (Capsicum spp.). Several short-season vegetables benefit from these late planting dates, and planting later increases the gardening season for a larger harvest. San Luis Obispo County, California, on the other hand, experiences first frosts from October through the end of December. Some vegetables have a short time period between seed sowing and harvest while others take a few months. In areas where frost can come early, the days to harvest is arguably more important than in other locations.
Any cool season vegetable you had in your garden are at the end of their days and warm season veggies are still going strong. Now it is time to grow vegetables that are perfect to plant in late summer for the fall.Organic Heirloom Black Beauty Zucchini SeedsSquashSquash plants encompass many different subspecies of plants. In the squash family you have cucumbers, zucchini from yellow crookneck to pattypans to green beauties. All of these plants are perfect to get into your garden around the 4th of July.Winter squash is planted in the summer and then can overwinter for months at a time.

Planting pumpkins in July allows them to be ready to carve by Halloween and cooked up for pumpkin pie by Thanksgiving.Seeds of Change Certified Organic Beet MixRoot VegetablesA few root vegetables do best when planted in late summer and then come to maturity in the cool days of fall. You can also get in a few succession plantings of carrots if you live where you get cool summer nights.
Bunching onions like scallions and garlic chives also do great when planted in late summer.More fall vegetables you can plant now! This allows the seeds to warm up and germinate, but the plant matures as the nights get longer and cooler.
These plants will need to be well watered until the summer heat dies down to build a healthy root system.Felknor Ventures Topsy Turvy Upside-Down Tomato PlanterTomatoesTomatoes are a true heat-loving plant! When grown in late summer, start with transplants instead of seeds as it is too warm for them to germinate. Tomatoes like to produce in the sweet spot between 55° and 75° which is perfect fall weather!

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