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Sometimes instead of buying, most of the people will feel more proud when they can pick their own vegetable garden. If you are interested in growing a vegetable garden, you can follow these steps right in front of you. After that you can choose the crops that need less room based on the seasons such as spring, summer, or fall. To grow your own veg is a fantastic money-saving idea, with the obvious benefits that you will have a plentiful supply of tasty, nutritious, organic vegetables throughout the year – great for your health as well as your wallet!  So, now you’ve got your plot, your ground is prepared and you’re ready to go.  That’s the hard work done, now the fun stuff begins.  Time to start growing!  But how do you decide what vegetables to start with?
These are a great option – easy to grow, and can be grown in a variety of places – in pots, planters, or directly in your vegetable bed.  If you sow seeds at monthly intervals throughout the summer, you’ll have an uninterrupted supply of salad leaves into the autumn!  You can grow them on a ‘cut and come again’ basis, where you pick only the outer leaves of the salad, not the whole plant, and it continues to grow and produce new leaves. Simply sprinkle the seeds onto a pot full of well-watered compost in a greenhouse or on a windowsill (early spring) or direct onto your prepared veg plot (late spring), and cover with a fine layer of compost over the seeds. Plant the seeds at a depth of around 2”, about 2-4” apart.  When they grow to about 3” high, push in stakes next to the seedlings, to provide support as they grow. Tomatoes are the cornerstone of any budding gardener's crop, as they are fairly easy to grow and produce large yields. I love gardening so much that I hate it when winter comes along and tries to prevent me from gardening. When it gets real cold carrots produce natural sugars which act as anti freeze, protecting the roots from freeze damage. It is perfect for your winter salads however it has to be grown under covers if you plan on using it for this. Since garlic is one of those vegetables with a long growing season, if you plant it in the fall it will withstand winter and be ready for harvesting by next summer. I used to grow Kale, until I went down south to visit a friend and got introduced to Collards.
Many people do not know that if you plant onions in the fall, they basically take care of themselves during the winter and by they time Sumer comes, they will be ready to harvest. March 16, 201624 CommentsIf you’re looking for a spring and summer activity that does wonderful things for your physical and mental health, look no further than gardening. Grow vegetables and herbs in existing spaces. Find some sunny spots around your house that could accommodate a few more plants.

Create a raised bed garden – If want to “go bigger” than container gardening, but don’t want to deal with an in-ground garden, consider planting vegetables in raised beds. Unlike pumpkins, however, squash grow in very large numbers and are fairly maintenance free. Starting your vegetable garden with the nursery seedlings after that you are able to name yourself as the veggies grower. Secondly – choose vegetables that you and your family will enjoy to eat!  Sounds obvious, but you don’t want to end up with armfuls of aubergines if no-one in your family enjoys them.  Grow your favourites and you’ll get much more pleasure out of the process. As long as the soil is well prepared then they’re quite simple to grow.  Carrots like a light soil with lots of well-rotted compost, so make sure you’ve done your preparation before planting, but don’t worry about feeding them once they’re planted, as you want to encourage the root to grow rather than the greenery.
Then you should cover the seeds with fine soil and water carefully with a fine spray, to avoid washing the seeds away.  If you’re planting more than one row, keep the rows about 8” apart. The best time to plant your winter carrots is in late summer, leaving them in the ground for winter. Make sure you keep harvesting the leaves throughout your winter and remove any flowers that may pop up or they will turn into seeds.
As far as winter gardening is concerned, Collards tolerate the cold weather better than Kale.
As you can see the growing season is a long one, so make sure that when you plant them, you are planting in an area you will not need to plant something else come Spring. Working outside to grow vegetables gives you an opportunity to do some of the things our bodies and minds really need – breathe fresh air, enjoy the sunshine, get some exercise, and eat healthy and delicious food. I grow my vegetables and herbs in raised beds and think it’s the best way to produce a lot of delicious food with a minimum of time, effort and hassle. Simply make sure you have plenty of room for the vine to grow, and you'll be raking in a ton of squash come harvest time. In fact, in order to reach this kind of experience people have no idea about where to start, what to plant, what to buy, and also what to prepare. Think about the freshness of the veggies that you can taste after picking it from the leaves.
You can buy the seeds from the nurseries or from the online stores that offer the delivery to your homes. Tomatoes require a lot of sunlight and a fair amount of water, but they don't require much micromanagement until it's time for harvest.
There are certain vegetables that do well in winter, and these are the ones I will be highlighting below in this post.

My favorite variety is the Wight Cristo, but I have also tried growing the Chesnook Red in the past. The Blue Max variety can withstand temperatures up to 0 degrees F and also have very high yields. When you have watered and maintained your veggies well, you can sow the seeds from the colorful sunflowers or radishes.
It is best to do this in the evening so that you don’t attract carrot fly, and firm the disturbed soil back down so that they aren’t tempted to lay their eggs there!  Your lovely carrots will be ready to harvest between August and October.
The roots can withstand very cold temperatures, however you may have to cover the green tops with mulch or straw bales when temperature goes below 18 degrees F.
Or perhaps there’s an unused corner of your yard where a few tomato and pepper plants would do nicely. Raised beds cut down on the work required to set up and maintain a garden – especially the weeding – and allow you to grow lots of vegetables and herbs with minimal effort. The key is that you can start growing a vegetable garden before you can pick your own fruit that gives life-altering experiences. If someone in your family is handy, he or she can build 4 x 4 beds fairly easily.  If not, you can buy them ready-to-assemble at most garden centers. Your local Extension Service office can tell you the best time to plant in your area.  Next, shop for plants at your garden center, greenhouse or farm supply store.
Many bugs can be removed by hand, but you may need to use organic pesticides if they become a problem. You can make some plots that get enough sun and water it regularly based on the available space.
Growing a vegetable garden can be your media for learning about plantation and also gardening. But you’ll use them for a number of years, and the work required to maintain the gardens is minimal, so for me it was worth the investment.

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