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For most gardeners, winter means staring out the window, making plans for spring and pining for better weather. Although the growing season in Atlantic Canada is short, with about 130 frost-free days, an increasing number of gardeners are using inexpensive and innovative methods to extend the growing and harvesting season through the coldest months of the year. Halifax gardener Niki Jabbour checks on her mini hoop tunnel that lets her grow veggies all winter long.
Plants will stop growing when there are fewer than 10 hours of daylight available, Jabbour explains. Many gardeners use fabric row covers made of spun polyester to extend the growing season by a month in either direction. A self-described lazy gardener, Jabbour appreciates that cold-season gardening involves less maintenance than warm-season gardening. Certain vegetables—like carrots, parsnips, leeks and kale—are even sweeter in winter because their starches turn to sugar as a natural form of anti-freeze.
By pushing the gardening season later into the year, she was able to discover vegetables she had never heard of before, such as mache (a small, nutty green common in Europe), claytonia (miner’s lettuce), tatsoi and mizuna (the latter two, Japanese greens).
A few hours away in Darlington, Prince Edward Island, Amy Smith and Verena Varga operate Heartbeet Organics.
Although their greenhouses were equipped with propane heaters, they wanted to try growing without heat. Plant greens, lettuces and herbs every few weeks to ensure continuous harvest throughout the season, including late into fall. Well this is pretty cool, I’m just having a go at my 1st raised bed garden this year and I really like the idea of being able to use it all year long.
I’m going to try and continue to grow my calendula flowers for our skin care products here in Norwalk, CT. Sign up with your email address and East Coast Living will deliver the news directly to you.
Most root crops require too much growing depth to successfully grow indoors, however two notable exceptions are radishes and round varieties of carrots. Mushrooms can be grown in a draught free dark place with a temperature of between 50-60A?F. There are obviously other herbs and vegetables you can grow indoors, but these 6 are not so commonly grown at home indoors and I thought it would be worth sharing the information.
Among the fruit grown in Texas you will find apples (available June through November), which become sweeter if they stay on trees longer, that is why Texas tree-ripened apples differ in taste from other apples. Texas is also home to sweet nectarines (May through July), sweet yellow-red ripe peaches (April through August), large juicy yellow pears (May through August), small sweet yellow and red plums (June and July) and sweet oriental persimmons (early Fall). During the months of Spring, lettuce (May and June) and mild sweet spring onions (March through August) grow. Other vegetables growing in Texas during the second half of the calendar year are cucumbers (April through December), sweet bell peppers and hot peppers (May through December), squash (April through May, July through January), field tomatoes (May through November) and turnips (April through February). Most of these fruits and vegetables are widely available in Texas and are sold at local Farmer's Markets, by the road or at stores. However, vegetables, unlike fruit, are present throughout Texas, not just in specific areas, except for potatoes. For those that live in apartments or buildings without gardens who would also like to be able to grow fresh herbs, edible flowers and small vegetables in the comfort of their kitchen all year round. Maybe interested in a new indoor garden system called the Veritable, which has been designed to be completely autonomous making the growing process easy and the results tasty. Designed by a development team based in France the Veritable indoor garden features a water reservoir that is capable of feeding anything your growing for up to 3 weeks without any interaction from yourself.

Watch the video below to learn more about this very unique indoor garden system that is taken to Kickstarter to raise the €50,000 it requires to make the jump into production. The Veritable indoor garden is now available to back with super early backer pledges starting from just €55.
Salem Sulaiem Khamis is the owner and farmer of this green house capsicum farm in Al Rahba area near Abu Dhabi. The Farmers? Services Centre, a government body responsible for modernising Abu Dhabi farms, is teaching them to produce vegetables in different months to avoid peaks in February and March. Of the centre?s 24,000 farms, 1,000 supply their produce, including cucumbers and tomatoes, to the FSC?s brand ?Local Harvest?, which was launched last November.
So far, 42 vegetables and herbs are available at the centre?s souqs, main supermarkets and hotels.
Last year Mr Al Kaabani joined the centre, which he said helped him to set up greenhouses on his farm of 30,000 square metres.
The quality of vegetables is also improving, with between 100 and 200 more tonnes of produce reaching class 1, from 2011 to last year.
Mr Al Kaabani spends Dh15,000 a year to grow 12 to 15 tonnes of cucumbers, but he has faith in the centre?s work and advice. Sheets of plastic let the sun shine in while protecting tender shoots from snow, wind and temperature dips. She says the key to success is knowing what to plant at what time of year and selecting cool-season vegetables like lettuce for fall planting. You can build these from wood, brick or straw bales, covered with old windows or greenhouse plastic. Jabbour says being open to new tastes, textures and flavours, and trying something new each year, have been highlights of year-round gardening. They tried cold-season gardening for the first time last year after buying a house that came with two large greenhouses. Smith planned on testing some of the techniques she had read about in books, especially those by Maine-based gardener and writer, Eliot Coleman. She kept detailed records of the crops they planted and carefully tracked the amount of daylight throughout the fall and winter to mark when they had crossed the 10-hour threshold. I have been using it since early spring and plan on continuing to use it during our Zone 4 winter. Before the freeze, just open the tops of your frames when it rains and you should be just fine. A The easiest way to grow mushrooms is to purchase a bag of mushroom compost which is already full of mushroom spores. Celestron Adds Regal M2 Series Spotting Scopes to Line Up New Mobile App from Panteao Productions Class Offered on California Gun Laws for Gun Owners November 2013 Issue of GunUp the Magazine, Read It Today NSA Is Reading Your Contacts List Too Handling the San Francisco Train Shooting Georgia Deer Season Live Chat On Ustream Thursday, Oct.
You can find an assortment of fruit and vegetables grown on Texas soil, from beets, carrots and cauliflower, to apples, honeydew and citrus fruits. In Texas, you'll also find a variety of berries: blackberries (April through June), blueberries (May through July) and strawberries (March through April). As for the bigger melon fruit, you'll find cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon growing in Texas May through November. Carrots, green cabbage and greenhouse tomatoes are the only vegetables available year-round. The springtime and summertime are also when potatoes grow in Texas including Russet, white and red potatoes (available April through September) and sweet potatoes, which grow early in the fall through May. Many winter crops grow year-round through irrigation in the Texas Winter Garden region situated in southern Texas southwest of San Antonio.

Sweet potatoes are grown in North East Texas and other potatoes (Russet, red and white) are grown in the High Plains, Winter Garden area and Rio Grande Valley. Choose from our catalogue of Veritable Lingots: a substrate block specifically designed and optimized to adapt to the needs and development of different plant types. Another option is a hoop house or mini-tunnel, consisting of plastic or metal conduit bent around a raised bed to create a hoop.
My question is how do I water the vegetables now that my watering system is drained for the winter? I asked gardening expert Niki Jabbour and she says that you don’t need to water cold frames (or mini hoop tunnels or mulched crops) in the winter.
Follow the instructions and you could be eating your home grown mushrooms withing 2-3 weeks.
The sunny days of Texas and warm nights are an ideal climate for citrus, which is why grapefruit and oranges are able to grow there as well.
Texas is home to other varieties of cabbage, which are only available during the winter months, such as: Chinese cabbage (January through April), red cabbage (January through May) and Savoy cabbage (January through March).
In the late fall and wintertime, vegetables such as deep red color beets (November through January), broccoli (November through March), cauliflower (November through April), celery (December through April) and spinach (November through April), also known as cool-weather crops, grow. Citrus fruit (grapefruit and oranges) only harvest in the Rio Grande Valley on the Texas-Mexico border.
A large percentage of potatoes are sold fresh while the rest is processed into potato chips. The Veritable indoor garden provides the perfect growing conditions for each plant type and guarantees you a sizable harvest, all year round. The whole structure is covered with plastic sheeting, allowing light to reach the plants but protecting them from frost, snow and wind.
Space the hoops one metre apart and place a metal strap across the top to stabilize the hoops. Depending on the year, she usually stops watering by late November, but Mother Nature can lend a hand with watering if you open your cold frames completely during mid and late autumn rainstorms.
Roll down the sides of the sack so the light can get in, but once the potatoes start growing, roll up the sides a bit and and more soil etc. Fruit and vegetables grown under the Texan sun are natural, healthy and filled with Texan passion, according to the Texas Department of Agriculture. You'll find grapefruit October through May, and oranges October through April, including navel oranges (October through January) and valencia oranges (February through May). Many leafy greens are available in the winter months between October and April, including mustard and turnip greens. Vegetables such as broccoli are harvested in the Winter Garden area which is home to many winter crops including peppers. Or maybe a salad made with flowers? The Veritable indoor garden provides the perfect growing conditions for each plant type and guarantees you a sizable harvest, all year round. Plus, a closed cold frame retains moisture, recycling it back to the soil like a mini ecosystem.

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