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Plants vs Zombies is a video game developed by PopCap Games for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. NegativesThe game has a very long game play with many levels to go through, but to achieve that PopCap and EA have had to repeat themselves a bit too often.
Bottom LineConsidering that the game is great and can be totally free, it is extremely good value for money. The game is a mix of strategy (what vegetables will I use?) and resource management (how much sun can I produce and how do I spend it?). Version 1 was nice visually and the designers have stuck to the original design, enhancing it a bit and probably making use of the more powerful devices available today. The game comes with a very nice set of levels that my 7 year old girl could play without my help. If the principle remains the same all along the interest for killings those brain thirsty zombies stays high.

And the nice things is, at the time of writing this review, I still did not feel the need for buying anything. Not only it teaches you the basic moves but also tells you about the various vegetable weapons you can use. When the first version was actually mostly about surviving the attacks, this one gives you stars for doing it with constraints like limited resources.
I think that PopCap is counting on the players not managing well and needing those resources to cash-in. The players use various plants as weapons to obtain different capabilities, and prevent the zombies from invading their homes. The various actors of the game have all their individual sound effect, some of them quite hilarious.
The zombies are nasty pieces of work and you have no doubt that they need to be shot on the spot.

These extra powers a quite fun, especially the one that makes a super weapon of any vegetable of choice. It's a member for Kabloom and has Strikethrough and Afterlife, which it can play again after defeat. The blocks include sunset scene, fog, swimming pool, and so on, which have made it more challenging and interesting.
So, my advice is to not take that for a long journey if you need to use your device after without recharging.

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