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Most Super Bowl parties will have a lot of appetizers on offer.  If you can’t make a smart swap then plan ahead to limit portion sizes. If you are making hamburgers there are some ways to save on calories.  Choose a lighter ground turkey for your patties and go easy on your condiments. For some great ideas on game day recipe makeovers check out our Super Bowl and tailgating recipe guide! Taylor, it would be instant, but riilastecally it is not that much as the 2 pounds that you mention.To burn 2 pounds of fat, you need to burn around 7,000 calories!

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Go vegetarian this year for a healthier choice!  The extra carbs from the beans provide healthy fiber!
They can really add calories if we don’t limit ourselves – slice up some beautiful winter apples and dunk them in yogurt instead.  You’ll still feel like you are getting a sweet treat and are likely to feel fuller than with just one brownie!
With cardio you burn about 100 calories in 10-15 minutes, depending on your weight and intensity.

I've worked in the health industry for many years, helping create systems to educate people about nutrition and fitness.

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