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While we four have never had the opportunity to cook together, I feel a true kinship towards them and consider them to be great friends.
As for the pot pie recipe…no one can say it like Deb, so hop over to Smitten Kitchen to get the ingredients and instructions. If you’re ever caught between a rock and a hard place, no matter how difficult it is to look around, do.
I found her blog when I had just begun my own; when I stumbled on her page, I felt as though all of my questions had been answered. They are Strong & Motivated and it has certainly rubbed off on me.  So what did we all cook up? Allow yourself to be susceptible to other people’s thoughts, creativity, emotions, tribulations.

I’m definitely going to be making the pot pies again and again throughout the winter. So many things to say, okay um that photo with the 4 soups pre-crazy good dough topping is GORGEOUS! I could tell Deb was a throw-everything-you’ve-got-into-your-passion kind of woman and from that point on, I was addicted.
I made Deb’s Pancetta, White Bean & Chard Pot Pie, which is by far the best pot pie I have ever consumed. Being surrounded by strong people is one of the many reasons I consider myself to be a very lucky person.
Addicted to Deb, her strong writing, crisp photographs, and comforting recipes.  So as an ode to Deb and all of her hard work, Abby, myself, Natalie from Perry’s Plate and Stephie from Eat Your Heart Out all chose one of Deb’s recipes and couldn’t stop tweeting our faces off about how well they were turning out.

And I got frustrated with the roux to gravy and added cornstarch and more flour to hurry it along.
I could see the urge to add corn starch – it did take quite a long time for my roux to thicken so had I been under a time crunch, I definitely would have sped it up some way or another too.

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