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Buy in vegetable plug plants to fill gaps left by seedlings which didn't quite make it, or to stock up on veg you didn't quite get around to sowing earlier in the year.
You'll find dozens of different varieties of vegetable plug plants in our garden centre here in Chepstow. The Royal Horticultural Society needs your help to identify which plants are best for pollinating insects like bees, lacewings and hoverflies.
A new research project carried out by the RHS in partnership with the University of Bristol is trying to identify the most commonly-planted pollinator-friendly plants, and assess how good UK gardens are for pollinators.
The city of Belfast is coming up roses this week as the nation’s favourite flower takes central stage for the annual Rose Week at Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park. The world-famous rose gardens in the park, already home to 40,000 roses, are playing host to thousands of visitors with a full programme of activities, including music and entertainment for all the family.

Sow some late veggies now to keep your harvest coming till well into autumn and early winter. The UK’s first garden devoted to air quality has been planted at Sheffield Botanical Gardens. Local schoolchildren planted the 6m x 8m (20ft x 26ft) garden, set up by the universities of Sheffield, York and Leeds and funded by the White Rose Universities Consortium. In small gardens, or when you're only growing for one or two people, plug plants are the obvious solution – instead of trying to find space for seed trays, buy ready-to-plant plugs and pop them straight in the garden. Just pop by and pick up whatever you need, from beetroot to broccoli and leeks to lettuces. Although you’re picking like mad right now as the harvest builds to a peak, don’t be too quick to turn your back on your seed packets just yet.

It contains plants which are particularly sensitive to ozone and nitrogen dioxide pollution such as lettuce, wheat, clover, common milkweed and coneflowers.
And if you only want a few of one particular vegetable – Brussels sprouts, say – it makes sense to buy a strip of five or six from our garden centre instead of spending time and effort raising a whole tray full from seed.
Either plant them straight into the garden, or pot them up into 10cm pots to grow on for a few weeks to plant out as sturdy young plants.
Look out too for greenhouse plants like cucumbers, tomatoes and sweet peppers arriving in the coming weeks, ready to plant in pots or grow bags under glass for bumper summer crops.

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