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In the olden days when people used to eat a lot of home grown vegetables, the Mogem (nasal pronounciation of 'Mogay') along with other vegetables that were harvested from one's own field and those that had a longer shelf life used to be stored for many weeks by hanging them from the ceiling, firmly bound by dhoriyo (thin coconut fibre ropes). This 'hanging garden' used to be found in a long corridor beside the kitchen in almost every house with a tiled roof. Hence a combination of the right cooking techniques, organic ingredients and a balance meal played its part in ensuring healthy minds and bodies - little wonder then that our ancestors were far more healthy & with fewer ailments than the modern generation.
I can't imagine a modular kitchen giving the same result today - which is why I largely believe that traditional methods and modes of cooking play a predominant role in the superior quality of a dish. Wash the the field marrow and cut it into half and then quarters, remove the pith & seeds and then cut into small cubes.
For the seasoning - heat oil in a small pan and toss in the mustard, when it stops spluttering add the crushed garlic and pour this seasoning into the curry.

Instead of a regular pan add all the ingredients mentioned in Step# 3 in a pressure cooker.
Three or four steps led to the entrance of every house which then branched into a sopo (porch) that was built in a symmetrical fashion. Close the cover of the pressure cooker and place the weight (whistle) and cook on a full flame till one whistle goes off.
When I say 'combination of foods' it means that a vegetable curry for example when eaten with unpolished rice, a side dish of meat, fish (often dried fish), pickles & curds was nothing but a simple yet healthy combination of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and nutrients.
Turn off the flame immediately and allow the pressure cooker to cool down for a couple of minutes and then slowly try releasing the pressure by lifting the whistle with a spoon.
The porch was also a place where the less important activities were held and the special happenings took place in the inner hall or living room which again branched out into bedrooms and the kitchen (which was almost always on the left side of the hall).

However, such kitchens were not the prettiest thanks to all the kheri (coal dust) that formed a layer on the walls & ceilings - but then no one complained as every kitchen met the same fate and modular kitchens weren't in vogue then anyways! In Dubai, if you ask for Field Marrow with the green grocer, you will get blank expression in return.

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