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This lasagna can be made with just plain white sauce, or stacked with homemade pesto, or a few scoops from a jar of pre-made sauce. Well, other than eating that cup of Gruyere in my Caramelized Onion Dip, a stick of butter in the Cheesecake Ice Cream Bites, or devouring tacos smothered in queso and bacon, I have no idea why I feel the need to pay a penance for my caloric sins?
Luckily this Engine 2 Healthy Vegetable Lasagna is brimming with hearty vegetables, creamy sweet potatoes and crunchy bits of crushed cashews; I don’t even care if it is healthy for me!
I have been making this Engine 2 Healthy Vegetable Lasagna for a couple years now, and it really is a fantastic recipe on those rare occasions when I am interested in making better choices for myself.
I do think it is worthwhile to double my recipe and freeze the second pan.  This is a fairly labor intensive recipe so it is nice to just do all the work once. If you enjoyed my Engine 2 Healthy Vegetable Lasagna recipe then you should probably like me on Facebook and follow me on Pinterest too. Usually I consider lasagna to be a very time consuming recipe: the sauce has to be made, the cheese mixture combined, and the meat cooked before you even think about layering and baking it in the oven. Sprinkle about one-third of the vegetables over sauce, then top with one-third of the cheese. So, I made a double batch of this recipe for a dinner party I had on Wednesday, and it was a huge hit! The price is the same for you as if you just went and bought the product(s) without the link, and we earn a small commission.

I first discovered it while indulging in my other guilty habit: watching food documentaries.
I just bought some disposable casserole pans for freezing.  Also for those so inclined, there is an entire Engine 2 Diet cookbook featuring additional healthy recipes like this Healthy Vegetable Lasagna. Heat small amount of oil in saute pan, add onions and cook for 5 minutes, then add mushrooms and continue cooking till onions and mushrooms have softened and moisture has cooked out of the mushrooms.
That’s what I would do at least, because if you don’t get to know me but you still use my recipe it is kind of like taking candy from a stranger, and your mom taught you not to do that.
Oh, and rest assured, I will never sell, share, or make fun of your embarrassing email address! I have been told more than once that I am a food snob, and it is a moniker I happily embrace (though epicurean snob would be more encompassing, but I think that is a word mainly food snobs use). However with a few simple modifications — substitute the meat with lots of veggies, buy premade pasta sauce, and use no boil lasagna noodles — lasagna can be a delicious, quick meal. I bought lasagna noodles just the other day, and now I have yet another reason to actually go through with my lasagna-making plans. I'm vegetarian, and this is one of my favourite dishes.Plus, it doesn't have much fat or calories!! Hopefully my version of their Engine 2 Healthy Vegetable Lasagna corrects those issues for you.

The oven does most of the work, so after the assembly you can get out of the kitchen and enjoy your evening. Gently spread one-third of the mashed tofu over noodles, then top with one-third of the remaining sauce.
Between this recipe and Yumsugar's "Lasagna for One" from Flight of The Conchords I'm all set! Add milk to butter mixture 1 cup at a time, whisking continuously until very smooth and bring to a boil.
Cook until carrots are starting to soften and remove from pan before broccoli beings to burn.
After two layers of vegetables, add the top layer of pasta sheets and spread the besciamella sauce to cover them completely. I recommend starting your cooking as you are prepping your vegetables, rather than cutting all of your vegetables first.This recipe is well suited to be doubled. They should be done baking right around the time you are beginning to assemble the lasagna.

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