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While some people feel that they have to make space for small plants indoors, I assert that large, bold, plants create and enhance space! Looking for a new garden project, but have the mid-summer can’t-find-the-perfect-plant blues because the garden centers are cleared out? We are coming upon the time when drought is a concern in parts of the country and care for trees is super critical. There is something magical that happens when you sit next to a pond or running water feature. For 15 years I have been using sprinklers or hand watering because I have felt that installing a drip irrigation system will be complicated. Surviving degenerative osteoarthritis or other physical conditions means that you can still have an amazing vegetable garden. Having arthritis or another chronic pain problem can be difficult when you try to mow your lawn. Succulent garden soil mix is a magical thing that have mystified container gardeners through the ages.
This year has been a remarkably fabulous year for my vegetable garden even with the extreme drought situation, late frost, and general apocalyptic charm. For the last several years I have been following a basic planting design based on the above chicken-scratched drawing which has served as my evil master plan. After I amended the soil in spring, I strung rope in straight lines to mark where the plants should go.
And so – I prepared for the apocalypse by growing vegetables in my front lawn suburban garden.
Special Note – Because the FTC requires it, I am letting you know that Jobes Organic Fertilizer,  Bonnie Plants, Organic Mechanics Soil, Midwest Trading, and Natural Industries supplied the plants, mulch, soil, and soil additives I used in this garden.
Shawna Coronado is an on-camera spokesperson, newspaper columnist, keynote speaker, blogger, and the author of the critically acclaimed book, Gardening Nude, which is a guide for living a green lifestyle. Shawna educates the online community on green-living tips, sustainable gardening, inexpensive cooking, home vegetable production, and techniques for every day homeowners to save money by being green and feeding the hungry during a down-economy – all this right from her very own home and ornamental front lawn vegetable garden in Warrenville, Illinois.
Shawna appears regularly on television and has been featured on many stations including ABC, NBC, WGN, and PBS TV. Win A Recycled Wind Sculpture For A Christmas or Holiday Gift and Help Keep Metal Out Of Our Landfills!
I’ve found they consistently flower very late and while they are good for hummingbirds and smell nice I find them not useful enough for the space they take.
LOVE your yard — am curious – have you had any issues withh neighbors or the city?? I remember hearing your story a while ago about your back garden and was so sad to hear of a city that didn’t embrace the idea of people improving the area in which they live.
Whether you’re preparing for the zombie apocalypse or for simply feeding your community – it is a good thing! I was curious about the neighborhood’s 4 legged friends, AKA little doggies, urinating in your garden.
I live in a private circle area where we all respect each others lawns and do not have a regular problem in my front garden with dogs.
Behind the fence I cannot see what happens, but my neighbors never let their dogs tear up my garden – they are respectful. Their grilling units are all quality, upmarket, top of the line, well constructed and designed. I do use insecticidal soap, which is 1 tablespoon of castille soap mixed with 2 cups of water. Shawna is a wellness lifestyle advocate, professional author, blogger, photographer, and media host who campaigns for social good. In 2012 I laid out a sun-ray vegetable garden design which has become a very popular post (see photo right).
This past season I worked to create a flower design whereby the front lawn vegetable garden, if photographed from the sky, would look like a giant flower. Before I planted I amended the soil by adding a layer of compost and a few natural ingredients. Within the drawn design (above) you can see that I have designated a tropical area and a cocktail patio closer to the house. My neighbors and I have discussed planting veggies in our front yards as a sort of communal gardening project.
I don’t do a lot of seed saving as many of the perennials in my garden are not all active seed producers.
Sharon – thanks for reaching out — so appreciate it and am glad you enjoyed the speech!!!
To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. With gardening ranked as the second most popular pastime for Waitrose customers after cooking, the upmarket grocer is looking to capitalise on its customers' green fingers and signficantly up its 6pc share of the horticulture market.

In this photo I am planting lettuce in rows that look like "sun rays" and radiate out from my rounded patio.
And no, herbal cocktails are not a part of my anti-inflammatory diet I set up for my osteoarthritis. I credit it to my secret soil additives and great mulch which are real water holders during a drought.
To me the design looks like a sunrise and the different colors of plantings represent sun rays. I have used their products because I WOULD even if they had not given the products to me and they have produced great success. I count myself very lucky to live in a city that unlike my neighboring cities embraces sustainable landscape practices. Each city has different rules, so checking with the city is important to see how you can proceed.
Have you had a problem with that in the past and if so what did you do about it or what would you suggest? She has a "make a difference" focus on green lifestyle living, organic gardening, and healthy food recipes built to inspire. It’s been so successful that I have decided to try different designs in this test garden every year. Follow this link to see how I make my garden fairly drought tolerant by soil preparation techniques. The cocktail patio design can be seen at this link and I will detail more about the tropical plant garden in the near future.
I have mixed vegetable plants in with my flowers and have not thought about how laying them out a little differently I could end up with some thing as beautiful as this is. I read it, and watched your ted talk and I gotta say, I am so pumped to read about someone who is on the same page as me but has accomplished things I’ve only dreamed about so far!
I’m glad to see more people out there working towards helping themselves and their communities.
Because of the ornamental value of the vegetables, I don’t often let them go to seed. This will make us a serious player in what is already a hugely successful category for us." Other retailers have sought to tap into the gardening market, which was valued at around A?4bn in 2010. By using this site or any media associated with Shawna Coronado, you agree to the "Terms of Service".
Letters A – E in the design are simply perennial plants like hosta and heuchera which grow in the shadiest part of the garden beds. I donate a large portion of the vegetables I grow in my soil-improved garden to the local food pantry when harvested.
I wanted to show peeps how I designed a front lawn veggie garden in suburbia and how they can too. And while I’ve had issues with the back garden with the city, the front lawn vegetable garden has been encouraged.
I’d like to encourage every day gardeners who want to have front lawn ornamental edible gardens to try crop rotation, soil maintenance, and variety within their gardens in order to continue with their stronger level of organic vegetable production. This season I enhanced the soil with Pure Elements Renew & Transform and Actino-Iron organic amendments along with Organic Mechanics Soil, fresh compost, rotted manure, and other organic soil additives I normally use and the garden performed well.
We had more rain this season than we had in the last three season’s combined, so the front lawn vegetable garden grew out of proportion to how it has grown in past seasons (see top photo). I plant the garden in mid- to late-May and it does well until late September or early October when the first frosts hit. I’ve been writing my own little blog and hope it convinces people to grow something, anything, however they can. America’s most popular home crops, including tomatoes, corn, peppers, squash, melons, and beans, demand the heat of the summer to produce their fruit.
Last year, it emerged that Next was considering opening a handful of garden centres after a pilot store proved successful. This post details the basic design for this year’s garden so you might plan it for your own garden in the future. I donate about 100 pounds of vegetables every year to local food pantries and focus on helping community, apocalypse or not. I’ll be pulling them out after this season no matter what and replanting a vegetable of some sort. Rotating crops and varying positioning of the vegetables on an annual basis helps the soil stay happy. The Redbor Kale became much taller than I had planned, as did the Bright Lights Swiss Chard.
But to get the most productive output from your garden during these months, you’ll want to be vigilant about a few things.First, make sure your plants are getting adequate water. I mean, hell, if an apocalypse DOES come to suburbia, I want to make sure I am prepared with organic, healthy veggies to make dinner complete.
This caused the flower design to be a tad lopsided in height, however, because the taller growth was towards the back of the garden it all looked okay.

My city also discourages lawns, they will pay homeowners $1 per sf up to $1K to remove lawns and put in water wise landscaping. I call the front lawn vegetable garden flower design a success and cannot wait to get in the garden this spring to plant my next vegetable garden design.
I have been increasing my veggie garden to cover the majority of my south facing backyard and I am now in the process of moving the edibles to the front yard. I removed the lawn a few years ago and the area was primarily covered with rock, but we have begun work on what my designer is calling a food forest. The site will also sell more than 5,000 horticulture products in association with online garden supplier, Crocus. I will have a variety of fruit trees and shrubs and a lot of herbs with a mix of other plants that will be great companions for the edibles to attract benificials and hopefully discourage less desirable pests. Evaporation is eliminated, the root zone is soaked, and the foliage stays dry.Next, place your soaker hoses on timers if possible.
An added benefit of automatic timers is the ability of being able to set it to water at anytime of day or night.Besides drought, the other major threat to your garden in the summer is pests.
I was the first in our circle to get a hybrid and because I had a favorable experience as gas prices went up I was able to show the benefit of a high milage car. This is one of the reasons, planting warm season crops right after the risk of frost is gone is such a good idea.
I also hope that as food prices go up others will see my example and decide to grow a few things themselves. By then, vegetables planted early are already beyond the point where they are at the most risk. But, for the various pests you may see in your garden, there are several ways to control them. First, inspect your garden for pests as often as you can, to control populations, and minimize damage as early as possible. This works well for most pests including squash bugs, potato beetles, and cutworms.In my opinion, the second line of defense in pest control is to use the least toxic methods available.
B.T is a bacteria that when ingested, paralyzes the digestive tract of certain insect larvae. B.T products are pest specific, so they don’t harm beneficial insects, and their non-toxic to mammals.
It can be used right up to harvest time.Next in your arsenal of pests defenses should be insecticidal or horticultural oils. These products are derived from plant and petroleum oils, which kill eggs and immature stages of insects, by blocking their supply of oxygen. Don’t apply these products to plants during times when temperatures are below 40 or above 85 degrees F, or when plants are under stress, such as from drought. Applications at these times can damage the plants.Insecticidal soaps are another good choice, comprised mostly of fatty acids.
These soaps work well for pests such as aphids, and whiteflies, and spider mites.Lastly, but very effective would be the use of synthetic insecticides. These are the manmade chemicals you buy in garden centers, which go by many different names. If you choose to use these in your garden, be sure to always read and follow the label instructions. At this time, most pollinating insects have retired for the night, and pollen-filled flowers have closed until morning. By then, much of the toxicity has broken down, and exposure to beneficials will be greatly reduced. The worst time to apply non-selective pesticides is in the morning, once flowers have opened. Applying insecticides at this time is sure to wipe out many lady beetles, soldier bugs, and pollinating insects such as honey and bumble bees.Summer is a great time to garden. Off camera, Joe dedicates his time to promoting sustainability through his popular books, Compost Confidential blog, podcast series, and nationally syndicated newspaper columns. Email Address First Name Comments Denise Cousins saysApril 3, 2016 at 5:41 PM Hi Joe,Just wondering what is the best defense against the Cabbage Moth, white looking butterfly, they fed on my cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower last year. You do that with row cover material–a lightweight fabric that allows air, water and light through but serves as a physical barrier to the moth. If you find Cabbage worms on your leaves, you can use a biological control called B.t or Bacillus thuringiensis. As an organic control, these are the 2 best options.Reply Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.
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