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My name is Steve Albert and I created Harvest to Table for the beginner and veteran gardner alike. Easy Measurement ConverterThe Measurement Converter can help you figure out the metric equivalents for the measurements used in the recipes on this site. My book is a veritable encyclopedia that provides simple guidance to the kitchen gardener and cook to bring fresh, inexpensive, and healthy food from your garden to your table. Sprague Photo™ - Stock Photos of people, society and culture in the developing world.
Finding a basic garden design that fits your needs is an important first step in planning a garden layout.

The traditional basic vegetable garden design has been straight and long rows running from north to south.
When planning your basic vegetable garden design, be sure to locate your garden near a convenient source of water.
The goal here is to find easy solutions to common garden problems and to help you bring great food from your garden to your table. Design Your Own Vegetable Garden Layout Using our Free "Vegetable Garden Planner" Software! Middle Feeders: These middle-of-the-road feeders are the mid sized leafed plants with above-ground fruits like tomatoes and peppers.

This means, that when you move the Heavy Feeders, they go to the Soil Buildera€™s previous position.

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