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My friend Chris (who visited me for a weekend while I was in MD) and I stopped by the brick and mortar location of Pangea – you know, that awesome online vegan store?! Comparable to that of The Vegetable Garden, with a similar style and presentation in the way of Asian Fusion vegan fare. I also kind of rushed through these locations on my way out of MD (though I have yet to write about a few other MD locations), which is why the notes are more scarce. Chris was with me for the stop here, which is why I have a few more food pics – pictured below there is a tofu veggie dish, some pot sticker appetizers, and a seitan veggie dish.

It was very extensive with offering colorful pictures & ingredients of the main dishes.
Well, if you know how to cook those boring things called vegetables properly and adding to them things like basil, ginger, soy protein and a load of other ignored delicious flavorful things. Their menu is impressive although most of their dishes are predominantly meat substitute varieties, not that I am complaining.
I ordered a roast duck dish for main entree which came with a choice of white or brown rice.

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