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Companion vegetable plants are plants that can help each other when planted near each other. Second, many companion vegetable plants help to deter pests, which helps to decrease the amount of pesticides and effort it takes to keep your garden pest free. Read previous post:Study Reveals that Pesticides are Annihilating Aquatic EcosystemsThe first study on the effect of pesticides on regional biodiversity has produced discouraging, if unsurprising, results. So called traditional gardens have a herb garden, flower bed and the vegetable beds all separately planted, but for best results and maximum benefits it is the best to mix all of your favourites together. My all time favourite flower to use as a companion plant with literally any vegetable is pot marigold (Calendula officinalis). The Calendula attracts pollinators (I always plant lots of them around my greenhouse) and beneficial insects like hoverflies, which needs the nectar to produce healthy eggs and then the larvae feed on the aphids.
Read more:Spring is FINALLY here!As the evenings are getting longer, we’ve been lucky enough to spend a couple of evenings after work down on the plot.

Creating a companion vegetable garden will allow you to take advantage of these useful and beneficial relationships. Wether one plants flowers in order to attract pollinators or just quick sprouting radish to mark the row, all can be called companion planting. Change your planting habits and put some flowers between the veg rows, or some herbs in the border of the raised vegetable beds. And french marigolds reported to repel the aphids so if you use these two in companion with your vegetables, the aphids will have a hard time to get to your precious produce.
Decisions you make about your family's healthcare are important and should be made in consultation with a competent medical professional. If you plant two or more different species of plants together so one will help an other in growth or in protection from pests is also companion planting. There are hundreds of different ways and techniques what flower to plant with what vegetable and which vegetables grow best together.

If you use lots and lots of it in your stock it will give a mild winter squash flavour to it.
Why not try to have a patch of Calendula at one end of the vegetable garden and a patch of french ones at the other end; just an idea… Do you plant marigolds around your vegetables?
The most common is to attract bees and other useful insects to your plot is to plant flowers with your vegetables. Growing pot marigold is very easy and they self seed every year if you leave the flowers on to finish their job to produce seeds.

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