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We're thinking of signing up for one of those organic food and vegetable delivery boxes. Organic vegetable delivery (OVD) is much like community supported agriculture (CSA), except it doesn’t carry the up front cost.
While the farmer doesn’t get a guaranteed payday this way, he or she does potentially get a higher price for the food according to market demand. The best way to locate an OVD is to visit a farmer’s market and ask those selling there if they offer such a service. You could also check your local cooperative extension office or the Agriculture Department at your local state university.
A CSA or OVD can guarantee you great food, and help support your local food system and economy.
Located in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, The Vegeman is a quality provider of locally grown vegetables and herbs delivered to homes and offices. Come join us in supporting your local farmer, and allow us to share our bountiful harvest of fresh, healthy vegetables with your family! The Grateful Seed produce delivery program is available in Chicago and surrounding suburbs. When in season from spring to late fall, we source our produce from local farms less than 200 miles away from Chicago.
In months that our climate does not allow for produce shares, we source organic produce from locations as close as climate allows.

We are a specialized home delivery program offering organic fruit, vegetables and other certified organic grocery items to your door . All our produce is certified through the Shuswap Thompson Organic Producers Association (STOPA), the Certified Organic Association of British Columbia and the Canadian Organic Regime. We deliver our boxes on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis depending on the needs of our customers. We are in full swing now at the Kamloops Farmers' Market with an ever increasing supply of fresh vegetables each week. It’s usually a pay-as-you-go service and is very similar to shopping at a grocery store, except you do so over the phone or online and the farmer or delivery service brings the food to you.
Another benefit to the farmer, in comparison to a CSA, is that the farmer does not have to guarantee availability.
The contents of our vegetable and fruit baskets vary from week to week and are chosen depending on availability and price.
In order to ensure a good variety of fruit and vegetables for the boxes, we sometimes purchase from other local organic farmers or through a distributor in the lower mainland. After you sign up, a box of fresh organic produce is delivered to you early in the morning. If you receive an item that is not satisfactory, please notify us within 24 hours of having received it and we will either credit you the value on your next delivery or replace the item.
So if unforeseen events cause crop failure, the farmer is does not have the stress of trying to make his shareholders happy.

Many high schools and colleges in rural areas have Future Farmers of America programs and may have a CSA or vegetable delivery service of their own. During the summer season Thistle Farm provides most of the produce for the boxes from our 10 acre farm. We would love to see you there, come enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, great food and handmade items. I assume the box is left on your doorstop- just in time for the ravenous street urchins of Battersea to take their pick; no doubt in the name of sweet charity. This guarantees the farmer an income and guarantees the consumer fresh food at a known price. In OVD, however, the initial up-front fees and regular payments are not required.
However, an OVD service does usually require a greater investment in marketing by the farmer. Instead, the consumer pays as he or she goes, buying only what is wanted when it’s wanted (and available).

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