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Addressing this concern of the home makers, TTK Prestige has now introduced a little wonder product 'Prestige Veggie Cutter' that is equipped to perform like a multi-functional vegetable cutting machine!
Prestige Veggie Cutter operates like a hand-powered food processor; the more one pulls, finer the texture becomes from very coarse to a fine puree.
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Indian or Continental, cutting & chopping of vegetables or fruits is the most time consuming or strenuous chore of cooking! Built with the unique Swiss technology, the Veggie cutter is set to revolutionize the cutting and chopping process in Indian kitchen!

The product has been designed elegantly with a handle and pull cord store neatly on top of the lid with a bright green shade adding a dash of colour in the kitchen.
Thanks to the large selection of 21 different discs, it is possible to freshly slice, shred, grate, julienne and dice vegetables, fruits, cheese and many other products. Comes with your choice of one slicing disc (DF - series), one disc holder, one white polycarbonate container.
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1199BUYD&J INTERNATIONAL - Cotton Navy Blue Designer Embroidered Patiyala Dress Material Rs.
1999 2499BUYD&J INTERNATIONAL - Whatshop Stylist Heavy Embroidered Black Salwar Suit Rs. The easy to use Veggie Cutter promises to cut vegetables with less or no effort with just a couple of pulls!! The durable plastic container can be used for refrigerating chopped foods and the storage lid included for keeping food fresh.

I frequently make salsa using tomoto, onion, garlic, chillies, coriander, garlic and lemon.1. My sister is extremely happy with this item as it makes her work in the kitchen much easier than before. Sirman Vegetable Cutter (Model TM) includes: (1) slicing disc (DF - series ONLY) of your choice, (1) disc holder, and (1) white polycarbonate container. All one has to do is to simply pull the ring handle to evenly and efficiently chop fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts and cooked meats.
The top which sits on the container has to be kept away from water to increase overall life.

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