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While I normally shape my patties and freeze them, this time I cooked them, cooled them, and then froze them. I have a lot of vegetarian followers and they’re always asking me for hearty, vegetarian recipes.
Last week I placed this post with burger recipesĀ on my blog, and now it’s time for the veggie burgers. I really enjoy complex burgers with many flavors and textures, but they can take a while to make, especially when there are vegetables and grains that need to be pre-cooked. They are one of the faux meat products my husband will willingly eat, and they are quick and easy to prepare.

I'm hoping that this technique yields better results when it comes to reheating the veggie burger for a quick weeknight dinner.
These would be a nice change from the classic black bean burger recipe that seems to be every where. I love anything that comes out of the 101 cookbooks kitchen but really there's always room for a new veggie burger in my life.
Although I love meat and fish, it’s nice to have something different once in a while. I’m your new follower and would like to invite you to visit mine and to follow back if you appreciate it.

When I began blogging, the intention was to chronicle my first year in the kitchen as a married gal. My life has changed a lot in those three years though, and so has my blogging style and content. I was hopeful with this recipe, and thought I might not call it the ultimate veggie burger, it was delicious!

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