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These are the plants that Dan filled his planter boxes with just after he completed building them. The backyard was covered in tile so until we figure out how to make it more lush, I have to rely on container gardening.
Excellent project, I used this idea for my own planter box and definitely gave credit where do in my own write up! Update #1: For those interested in my plans for this project please find plans and download instructions here. Update #4: Don’t forget about watering, make it easy with this micro-irrigation video!
Whatever it was, it didn’t take too much further coaxing than a radio ad for 2-for-1 vegetable plants while driving home one day to convince me I wanted to have an organic suburban farm. Hi there, have been looking for some good planter box plans on the net and yours look great! Just wanted to say, after scouring the web for over an hour, I have finally found the right planters for my backyard garden! Also check out some of the related posts for the add on tomato stakes I added later last year. I am thinking of creating a cage to fit on the top so birds and other animals don’t eat half my crop this year. After enjoying fresh tomato and feta cheese the past few nights, you could even say I’m an urban gardening evangelist. Amazingly, readers have been writing in from all over the world to say how much they enjoy the planter box plans.
I wanted to summarize everything we’ve published so far about vegetable planter boxes.
So, find yourself a sunny place around your home, and start planning your own vegetable garden.

Photos From Stark Insider Readers Around the World That Have Downloaded and Used Loni’s Plans! Unfortunately, I didn’t have a lot of room and the only area of my home that had not been landscaped was a narrow corridor along the side of the house.
Occasionally, I’m sent photos of the final results from readers, which I always appreciate. When building the planter boxes using my plans, I do agree recruiting at least one other person to help you will make the process go a lot smoother. These will not only support the planks that form the bottom of the planter box, but also will be the key support beams for the legs of this planter box. For the design that Dan was going after, he covered the legs with some more planks so that it gave a completely finished, modern look.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Having scoured the web for different ideas, I knew what would work: A 2' (depth) x 6' (width) x 3' (height) redwood planter box.
I’ve put all the posts, photos and videos about vegetable gardening on one page so you can easily navigate all the tips, tricks and even see what others are doing with my plans as well. All of a sudden the image of me happily digging through dirt or presenting a dish at a dinner party and declaring that not only did I make the dish, but also grew the vegetables became an obsession. Look for a fine mesh for the bottom and sides of the planter which will let water drain but not soil.
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I drew up my own plans because I had a desire to start an urban vegetable garden and couldn't find anything ready-made that I loved. One of the most popular downloads on StarkSilverCreek is my plans for a raised vegetable planter box which is located in our gardening section.

Ita€™s been said her laugh can be heard from San Jose all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge. Over the past months one of the most popular posts and videos on Stark Insider has been Loni’s planter box series. Recent projects include short MORADO shot in the Baja, mini-doc with PENTATONIX in Napa, and art-doc WRONG'S WHAT I DO BEST at the San Francisco Art Institute.
Unfortunately, when I went searching for such an item online and in the stores, I couldn’t find anything which suited all my requirements. Building your own planter box will give you the dimensions you want and the pride of ownership that only comes to those that break a sweat and build their own. We’re pleased with the results (but know you have ideas on how to make it even better). Instead, he built a whole row of them and turned a large concrete patio into a garden oasis. I am so pleased this design is going to good use around the world…  ps – a quick hello to those visiting from New Zealand, and Australia! The article has gotten quite long because of the number of comments and updates, but if you wade through it, I promise you the information is useful; not only on how to build your own planter box, but also on topics such as micro-irrigation and making your own organic fertilizers.
In the evening when the boxes are filled with lush plants the lights will add nice visual interest and create interesting shadows.

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