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Vegetables have just become so much more love able when they are in the form of JUMBO sized squishys! These six fragrances have adorned Southern vanities for generations, and we intend to keep the tradition alive.
It’s a perfect time to introduce your baby to a range of fresh fruit and vegetables when they begin to eat solids. Add a little breast milk, formula or cooking liquid to pureed fruits and vegetables to achieve the desired consistency to suit your baby. Gradually increase the thickness and texture of fruit and vegetable purees as your baby learns to chew.
Some babies may be very fussy about eating new foods but don’t give up try again at another time. To begin, try your baby on simple pumpkin, carrot and potato or kumara (orange sweet potato) puree.
Fresh vegetables are colourful, packed with natural goodness and loaded with beneficial vitamins. For breakfast or a snack, spread wholemeal toast or muffins with creamed cottage cheese and mashed avocado.
Offer lightly steamed vegetables like carrot sticks or broccoli florets as finger food. Make a hearty vegetable soup like minestrone, chicken, vegetable & noodle or corn chowder for your toddler. Please note, avoid offering strawberries until your baby is 12 months of age as some babies have a reaction to strawberries.
Stir naturally sweet finely chopped banana, berries, mango or pawpaw or strawberries (depending on age) through yoghurt or custard. Make a fresh fruit compote by simmering a range of fresh fruits like sliced rhubarb, blueberries, apple and strawberries (depending on age) in water or juice until tender.

Puy lentils (lentilles du Puy) are the perfect “soil” for our plated spring vegetable garden. This salad can be made in advance and stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for a few days, making it perfect not only for quick meals, but a healthy on-hand snack. Nothing beats nutritious, home-made baby food bursting with wholesome fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables. Team fresh vegetables with other ingredients like chicken or meat once the simple purees are accepted and expand the range of vegetables offered. Avoid offering strawberries until your baby is 12 months old as some babies have a severe reaction to strawberries. Try them separately, and as baby accepts the flavours gradually introduce your baby to a range of vegetables in various combinations. Include peeled and deseeded rockmelon, honeydew melon or watermelon wedges, kiwifruit and mango. Budding bulbs and blossoming trees bring a sense of renewal and the promise of a fresh start. Puy lentils ( from le Puy-en-Velay in South Central France) are dark green with a hint of blue and brown marbling.
However, take advantage of the sweet, young vegetables that are available right now: turnips, radishes, carrots, onions, and beets, all in a variety of colors. Trim the vegetables (removing discolored or stringy parts) and use a vegetable brush to scrub the vegetable skins (do not peel).
Working in batches of 4-6 wrapped vegetables (of roughly the same size), place the vegetables in the boiling water and hang the wrapped tops over the edge of the pan.
Use a chef’s knife to slice the vegetables lengthwise (the carrots, asparagus and onions will only be sliced in half). They grow in rich volcanic soil, making the analogy even more apt and their taste is so unique the lentils have AOC status.

Partly, because I could not wait to slather apricot jam on this airy piece of crispy goodness I clutched in my hand, but also because the morning air was filled with the smell of narcissus, daffodils, and hyacinths.
While I can acknowledge things for what they are, I primarily always see them for what they can be.
Lentils are full of amino acids, fiber, iron, and protein (perfect for those meatless Fridays during Lent). Puy lentils do not become mushy when cooked and they do not have to be rehydrated (soaked or rapidly boiled). Remove from the boiling water with tongs and place the asparagus and onions in an ice bath (a bowl of ice with a little water) to cease the cooking.
Spring has sprung and the evidence was artfully presented in round baskets for shoppers to take home and bring a little bit of spring indoors (even if the radiators were still turned on). This lentil salad should be served cool (or room temperature), so after you dress the lentils, refrigerate them for a few hours before consumption. I stopped and as I looked at the displays this week’s simple pleasure was born: baby spring vegetable and Puy lentil salad. Admittedly, I have an unbridled love affair with the preparation of food, but that  is just the way I see things. Make sure to adjust the seasoning as the flavor profile will change when the lentils are cold (and after the dressing has been absorbed).

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