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The Punctum Estate in La Mancha, Spain completed its conversion to biodynamic grape growing in 2011. Green gardening is using and reusing as much of the materials as you possibly can, reducing the amount of waste created. So while gardening is good all on its own, there are certain practices I will show here unique to green gardening that sets it apart.
Do your research on WHAT you want to plant and WHEN you want to plant it… Plants that are indigenous to your area will obviously grow much better without as much work as would plants which are not native to the area.
Imbuko Releaf is an elegant wine offering intense blackberry & cassis flavours leading to a finish with enchanting vanilla spices. Collecting rain water helps you to save money in watering your plants and allows you to reuse the earth’s resources even more!

If your looking for a healthier lifestyle or just want to try something different, please take a look at our online store or contact me direct. So, if you would like to buy organic vegan home made foods please take a look at our online shop. We all know the harmful effect that pesticides have on the earth ranging from runoff into drinking supplies to developing pesticide resistant insects and plants, as well as harmful side effects to us that consume those plants. So If you are thinking about gardening how about giving “green gardening” a try? There are drying fruits, blackcurrant, plums and a Cabernet presence, tannins coming in at the end. The compost and the soil will be the source of nutrients for whatever you plan to grow, so this is very important. A drip irrigation system is also preferred over a sprinkler system as advised by several of the experts on gardening.

Also with so much genetically modified plants around its good to know for sure what we are eating since we have grown it ourselves.
The Imbuko winery is situated on the Uitkyk farm, near Wellington in the heart of the Boland Winelands region of South Africa. The whole team and neighbourhood work hard to ensure a properly sustainable product with plenty of support for the families working on the farm and nearby.
While fresh on the palate it is very slightly astringent but at the same time harmonious with long finish.

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