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I am attempting to create a livable vault 101 replica, over the period of 2 more days i will be using nothing but blueprints,TMI and the wasteland generator to make this project. I love this map Gonna put this on my server mabye make a fallout rp when I set it up ill let you know but this needs improvements If you can can you get on my server and make more living quarters I want players to like pay to live in the vault im gonna do like a type of system.
000010c1 (exterior)00024512 (outer door)00099e9e (vault door)00024511 (atrium)00099e9d (upper level)00028138 (DeLoria res.)00099e9b (lower level)0002a186 (react. It is not known exactly when the construction of Vault 101 began, but it was constructed sometime in the 2060s along with the other vaults in Washington, D.C. Vault 101 has been opened numerous times, violating its original mandate, and became infested by radroaches during these events, making the vault susceptible to additional large infestations as time went by. The original and underlying purpose of the Vault 101 vault experiment, was to stay closed indefinitely, in order to study the role of the Overseer when a vault never opened. The "Cake Bake-Off" is a competitive event, and in this event, contestants bake various types of cakes which are judged according to a select criteria, with the winner or winners being given a worthy prize. On July 13, 2268, a notice on the bulletin board within the cafeteria announces the annual Cake Bake-Off. Just after the Great War in 2077, the first Vault 101 Overseer, in order to prevent anyone from leaving the vault, created the illusion that the outside world was an uninhabitable nuclear-ravaged wasteland with absolutely no hope of existence outside of the vault. The second Vault 101 Overseer led Vault 101 dwellers by the same isolationist doctrine, but also attempted to convince senior vault dwellers to become complicit in the vault experiments. Sometime before 2241, an Unnamed Vault 101 Overseer strongly favored of outside contact, and assembled a survey team led by Anne Palmer; together they began planning for their journey and theorizing types of mutations they might encounter.
His successor, Alphonse Almodovar, became the new Overseer of Vault 101 sometime before 2258. After James and his child entered into the vault, he kept his child ignorant of their origins because of his agreement with Alphonse, convincing the Lone Wanderer that they were born in the Vault.
Gradually, Alphonse Almodovar came to having an entire generation of Vault 101 dwellers who were playing along with the vault experiments, keeping the secrets from their children. On August 17, 2277, a radroach infestation had started, and James took this moment to his advantage, quickly escaping the Vault once and for all.
During the Lone Wanderer's escape in seeking the outside world for answers, Tom Holden and Mary Holden or officers O'Brian and Richards die or the Lone Wanderer distracted the guards so the Holdens could escape and flee before more blood was spilled. The group of rebels was led by Amata Almodovar, and included all of the young vault dwellers, who were holed up in the vault clinic. Some time later, the vault received radio contact from the Enclave seeking to gain entry into Vault 101 because their passwords to the vault door no longer matched their records (it was changed to "Amata" by Amata Almodovar to bring the Lone Wanderer later into Vault 101), but after brief negotiation, the Vault 101 Overseer refused to let them in, thinking he can't expose his vault and its dwellers to an unknown factor, much less one that would so gallantly suggest abandoning the vault experiments, also thinking it was an additional reason to prevent the rebels from opening Vault 101 to the likes of them. Vault 101's fate afterwards is not confirmed in canon; if Amata Almodovar became the new Overseer or dies, if Alphonse Almodovar was still the Overseer or Allen Mack became the new one, if the group of rebels were deterred or if Vault 101 was open, kept closed, destroyed or thrown into chaos, and if the Lone Wanderer helped them for one of its possibilities. Vault 101's residents remain protected from the outside world, with the exception of the occasional Radroach attack.
In the early 2260's, at Wally's birthday party, the child's game Hunt the Mutant is played on the Atrium. Several years later, on July 13, 2268, a notice in the Cafeteria announces an upcoming baseball game on Saturday. If the player character studies the local map carefully, they will note that the rooms with closed doors, ex. Rooms in Admin are the Overseer's office, reception room (Jonas Palmer is found dead here during Escape!), Operations, Security (Amata interrogation) and Systems (Floyd Lewis dies here during "Escape!"). This file was taken from the video game Fallout 3 or from websites created and owned by Bethesda Softworks, the copyright of which is held by Bethesda Softworks. This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it.
If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file.

Hello, ive been looking for a vault door on the internet, and havent found one that is good, so since im good at redstone, i though i would make one. Absolutely lovely work, I also have been looking for one of these for a very long time, and I finally found this just yesterday! If you like it, please leave a comment, if it has good feedback, i will make more redstone projects, im also taking ideas, leave a comment if you have a good idea! One of the main and only objectives of Vault 101 security has been the containment of these pests.
The limited genetic material would eventually result in inbreeding, had no "new blood" ever entered. Wally later mentions this game at the Lone Wanderer's tenth birthday party on July 13, 2268. This was accomplished through regular fake radio transmissions (recorded before the Great War), increasing the idea amongst Vault 101 dwellers that the only hope of survival was within the vault.
Hypocritically enough, the second Vault 101 Overseer was the first able to communicate with, and even visit, the outside world by using the secret tunnel in the Overseer's office. They finally went to the outside world around Vault 101, going up to Megaton sometime before February 10, 2241. Under his rule, the vault changed into a police state with a strict policy of isolationism. In the late 2260s, Jonas Palmer was appointed to be James' assistant by Alphonse Almodovar, who hoped he would be a voice of reason. He and his followers continued to receive periodic information from the outside world, while those not in the know were told that things had gotten so bad that whoever was sending transmissions was no longer able to do so, reinforcing the thought that leaving the vault was sheer suicide.
In the ensuing conflict between radroaches and the security team, Agnes Taylor dies of a heart attack, Floyd Lewis and Vikki Hannon are both killed and Paul Hannon Jr. Amata is interrogated by her father and Officer Mack, before the Lone Wanderer either rescues her, kills her father, or sneaks by. They wanted to open Vault 101, interact with the outside world, open up limited trade with nearby settlements and make excursions into the wasteland when necessary. After that, Amata Almodovar began to send out the Vault 101 emergency frequency around Vault 101 in the Capital Wasteland, hoping that the Lone Wanderer would come to aid them in their current crisis. But at this time, the number of Vault 101 dwellers has fallen significantly in the two centuries since it was sealed (despite messages encouraging procreation), and that without external input, the Vault 101's population will not remain genetically viable for more than a generation or so, and collapse inevitably due to genetic stagnation and inbreeding in some years if Vault 101 remains closed. They are staggered with each section moving progressively more westward as the Vault burrows deeper into the earth. Though named Lower Level, this section actually covers two levels: the Lower and the Reactor. All trademarks and registered trademarks present in the image are proprietary to Bethesda Softworks.The use of images to illustrate articles concerning the subject of the images in question is believed to qualify as fair use under United States copyright law, as such display does not significantly impede the right of the copyright holder to sell the copyrighted material and is not being used to generate profit in this context. So here it is, i hope you like it, you can use it but please give me credit, it took a long time to make.
All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. Two centuries later, Beatrice Armstrong, a vault resident, continually honors the original Overseer by dedicating one of her older poems to him. By mentioning this game, Wally is unfavorably comparing his party to the Lone Wanderer's party. The first Vault 101 Overseer died of natural causes in 2127, having prepared a subordinate to continue the Vault experiment. However, for all other intents and purposes, the vault dwellers were sealed in according to the Vault 101 mantra: "we are born in the vault, we live in the vault, and we die in the vault".
The survey team returned to Vault 101 on February 10, and analyzed their samples to see if the outside world was still dangerously irradiated or able to sustain life.

Early in Alphonse's tenure as Overseer around 2258-2259, James and his child, later known as the Lone Wanderer, came to the vault seeking shelter and arrived in front of Vault 101. In front of the vault door, Amata bids farewell to the Wanderer just before Officers Park and Wolfe come and try to halt the escape but are dodged by the Lone Wanderer.
But all the vault dwellers living in blissful ignorance finally discover that the world outside could be accessed, life above ground is possible, some expedition was already done in the past and they have been living a lie.
The other group was led by the Vault 101 Overseer and he wanted to keep the vault closed permanently, in accordance with the vault experiments.
The sections are separated by doors, and stairways connect floors and levels within two of the sections. It is, also, not evident how the Mack Family apartment is connected to the rest of the complex as the apartment door leads to a non-existent hallway. It's all in the creativity, it's what you put into it, not when you judge it by the real thing. Beatrice cannot write a new poem during the latest Founder's Day, as she had trouble finding a rhyming word for 'Overseer'. They studied the giant ant they killed and decided to revise their survey plans in light of what they have learned. James proposed to become Vault 101's new physician in return for entry into Vault 101, and Alphonse granted his request. She entered in the Craterside Supply and asked Moira Brown to reinforce her vault jumpsuit, but the girl never returned to pick it up, leaving her armored Vault 101 jumpsuit in the Craterside Supply in Megaton. Jonas Palmer is immediately questioned about why James has left, but in the procedure is brutally killed by Stevie Mack. This discovery created a new crisis in Vault 101 and the vault became divided into two groups. Regardless, the location of the apartment itself suggests how far up the ladder Allen Mack is in the command structure of the Vault as his family has one of the best apartments.
Lewis and Agnes Taylor, two members of the survey team remained in Megaton to serve as contacts between the two settlements and to further survey the surrounding environments.
On 12 July 2268, the water purifier began to malfunction but it was repaired by Stanley Armstrong. Every member of the Vault 101 security force is then ordered to both contain the radroach infestation and capture the Lone Wanderer for questioning about James' departure. There are two paths to the Capital Wasteland: a direct path from the Atrium and a hidden tunnel named the Overseer's Tunnel. The Atrium is the main room of the Vault and is used by Vault residents for large social gatherings and ball sports.
A few moments later, Amata Almodovar, daughter of Overseer Alphonse, awakens the Lone Wanderer, her best friend, and explains the situation. The Overseer who preceded Alphonse Almodovar vanished after another expedition to the Capital Wasteland failed. In 2272, another Vault 101 dweller escaped from Vault 101 and also made his way to Megaton. He made his way to Moriarty's Saloon, telling Colin Moriarty that members of Vault 101 were brainwashed into believing the Overseer was the only voice of reason.

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