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Asia is a continent, a geo-political distinction laid down by those who felt the need to separate the world into different regions.
Do you really think you can learn all those cooking styles, source all those ingredients, and really start an Asian restaurant? Europe constitutes 11% of the world’s population and you don’t hear of anyone starting European restaurants do you? Recent CommentsЯпонский web-дизайн - Trigon Agency on Sense of beauty and information density, East v.s. Food (????, Food) is an item that, when used, recovers a small amount of the user's damage.
The use of food as an item in video games is not uncommon, and some Nintendo games also featured the use of fruit in such a way.
Food that restored the player's health also appeared in Kirby Super Star as well as many other Kirby series games, acting as a common, yet low-powered method to recover Kirby's health; the use of food in the series is especially relevant to the item's appearance in the Super Smash Bros. Food commonly spawns on stages in the games, and large bundles of food are frequently dispensed from the Party Ball.
In Brawl, there is a special "gulp" sound effect for when characters consume food that happens to be a liquid, like the tea or orange juice items.
Three stages in the series, Green Greens, the Summit, and Tortimer's Island, dispense unique foods; Green Greens features Apples, the Summit features Vegetables from the original Ice Climber game (complete with sound effects from the game when consumed), and Tortimer's Island features some tropical fruits like lychees.

Yoshi's Story has Shy Guys flying around that carry normal food, which repeatedly shifts between different types of food as they hold onto it unless they drop it when attacked (however, sometimes they may roulette between other kinds of items). The Pokemon Chansey in Melee can potentially drop Eggs as a part of Softboiled; these Eggs can potentially heal any players that pick up the items, though like the food items on stages, they will all be throwable if food is disabled.
Snake is the only character who makes unique sounds whenever he consumes food or similar items, such as the Maxim Tomato and even the Superspicy Curry.
If you are curious about what each of these foods are, the names a labeled here for cuisines of Asia and dishes of Japan.
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Although they often spawn in groups from Party Balls, the items can spawn on their own, and some items of food are unique to specific stages.
Yoshi's Story, for instance, required Yoshi to eat thirty fruits within a level to complete it; in these cases, the fruit also recovered some of his health.
As a relatively common item, food generally does not recover significant amounts of damage; the strongest food items recover only 9-to-12% of the player's health, with a majority often recovering below 6%.
In the case of Green Greens, some of the apples dropped by Whispy Woods will instead take the form of items that can be thrown at opponents; if items are turned off via the Item Switch, these apples will always be the type that can be thrown. There are 28 different types of food, and the nutritional value and yumminess quotient differs slightly with each type.

There are 28 kinds of food in all, including bread, which heals 10 damage, roast chicken which heals 15, and so on.
The EarthBound series also featured the use of both everyday and esoteric foods as recovery items. If items are disabled on The Summit, the Vegetables will never spawn; it is unknown if this is the case for Tortimer's Island. Peach can summon a variety of peaches as part of Peach Blossom (her Final Smash), Diddy Kong's Peanut Popgun and Rocketbarrel Barrage can potentially spawn shelled peanuts (Brawl only), and Mr.
In addition, several food sprites from the Kirby franchise has been reused and modified to accommodate the sprites for the Super Smash Bros. Party Balls contain a lot of food, so if you eat it all yourself, you can really lower your damage. There may be times when you laugh and walk away from food, and times when you watch someone else eating and cry. There are 28 kinds of food in all, including bread, which heals 10 damage, roast chicken, which heals 15, and so on.

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