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The Northwest Indiana Porter County Health Department is investigating 60 cases of norovirus that may be linked to the local Jimmy John’s. Twenty of the cases were rescue workers at the scene of a 3-train crash in Valparaiso on Friday. Sprouts from Sprouters Northwest were implicated in an outbreak of salmonella Newport in Oregon and Washington. Tiny Greens Organic Farms were implicated in a salmonella outbreak with many of the cases coming from Jimmy John’s in Illinois. I suggest Jimmy John’s needs to update food-handling techniques company wide and do a better job testing and auditing the farms that supply them with product.
Dennis Keith has been working as a restaurant and food safety professional for more than 20 years. The nation’s foremost law firm with a practice dedicated to representing victims of food poisoning.
The Marler Clark food poisoning attorneys are investigating a foodborne illness outbreak linked to a Valparaiso, Indiana Jimmy John’s restaurant.
Marler Clark is the leading law firm representing victims of norovirus outbreaks nationwide.

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The FDA linked salmonella found in water runoff from the Tiny Greens Organic Farms to the same strain of salmonella from the outbreak.
It’s not a coincidence when we see multiple outbreaks associated with one organization. Restaurants need to understand they are held responsible for serving contaminated food even though it was delivered contaminated.
The local health department identified many food safety problems at the implicated Jimmy John’s location. On Monday, other reports of illness came in from people not working at the scene of the crash but who also ate food from the same Jimmy John’s. It becomes harder and harder to train employees and source product free of illness-causing pathogens. Twitter chief Jack Dorsey has piped up to say that there’s no truth to the rumors of a Facebook-like feed arriving next week.

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