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Here in the City of Angels resides a population that all marketing and advertisement firms dream of: a huge mob of rich zombies that will buy into anything. Every finance doucher in LA saves up during their 20s to buy a Porsche Carrera so that they can finally leap into that next tier of cool.  And even if you can somehow justify your heartless career of cleverly disguised embezzlement, have some fucking creativity. Obviously there are good cases of this, but I’m here to highlight the majority of what happens in LA. I feel like I’ve tried to ask them several times what their reasons are for torturing themselves as such, however my investigation has remained fruitless.
I get the whole idea of working to accomplish something and feeling good about yourself but can’t you put that effort towards something else that doesn’t lead directly to rheumatoid arthritis? Now, there are two categories of juices I am referring to: those that taste good, and those that taste like shit. It really just means that some ratfuck at Coca-Cola just duped you into a 4 dollar water bottle. I seriously think that most people become vegan purely to conform to some New Age, hipster-Buddhist ideal.

Long distance running has been demonstrated time and time again to be a self-damaging form of exercise, yet LA chums are still clogging up traffic regularly in their hot pink Nike Frees and lululemon spandex shorts. While I do believe that there are some health-related benefits to yoga, contorting your body into positions that are stressful on the joints and nervous tissue for extended periods of time is questionable at best.
With entry fees exceeding a hunnid bucks, marathons might be the worst value purchase of all time–next to renting bowling shoes. Hey dude who’s holding that big ass Fiji bottle, not only can you not fit that stupid square bottom into a cup holder, but your girlfriend is gonna strap it on  later and fuck you with it. And guess what, turning up the temperature in the room doesn’t make it any better (sweating and panting does not mean you are exercising, FYI). Every spoiled little brat in LA is sucking from the parental teet, which makes risk = zero, and capital = huge. And by healthy I mean you can’t add fruit juice (sugar water), a ton of bananas (sugar sticks), or a bucket of strawberries (sugar balls). Unfortunately, this results in a wave of 20-somethings running around trying to make it big by trying everything from reusable toilet paper to custom utensils.

Sure, standing in an awkward pose for 30 minutes will probably be a bit of a workout on your legs, but that’s 29 minutes of free time you just missed out on if you had done 15 squats instead.
Don’t get me wrong, I wholeheartedly believe that young entrepreneurs are the key to the future. Too bad the guys protesting troops being overseas are the same guys screaming to help Syria. Ever think how a plant feels when you rip them out of the ground and grind their body to shreds?  On this planet, life eats life. If I have to explain to you why it’s not worth spending 8 bucks on cold pressed kale juice, then I might also have to explain to you why not its not worth it to hold up a metal pole in the middle of a lightning storm.

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