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View the Government drawing (45k gif 1493 pixels w x 879 pixels h) specifying the Flags dimensions. The bank strategy is building a competitive advantage in full to the leading Africa-focused financial services organization. This site allows all mobile and PC users a fast and more convenient way to reach the relevant departments they seek to call or contact. It is hereby clarified that this site is not related in any way to any of its listed business, companies, institutions and organisations. Soldiers must complete this event without running or jogging.  From what some other Soldiers have told me, this event is actually quite challenging and is even more difficult than the 2-mile run.
This information is as of 2012.  Please check FM 21-20 to make sure the APFT Walk Standards have not changed since then. There is some controversy within the Army about the 2.5 mile walk (just ask around in any unit).
The bottom line is that the APFT Walk Standards are designed for Soldiers who can’t do the 2-mile run (due to medical reasons). With all the push to shrink and downsize and boot out folks from the active component I suspect the P2 walk profile folks will next come under the gun.
A score is not recorded for any alternate APFT event, it is simply pass or fail regardless of your time, and the APFT badge cannnot be awared to someone that cannot complete a regular APFT.
I have a walking profile, I have pins and screws in my right ankle and just had my ACL and Meniscus reconstructed. Gary Lamb, I was reviewing thoughts and came across your rant, as you've failed to put together a logical point of view. I want you to know it's not that easy to just part ways with the military, and people complaining is not why the military is falling apart. I am sorry to hear about the pain and agony you suffer, but it is soldiers like yourself that keep our military strong and enduring. I believe that, much like most everything else in the military, the unit Commander has the final say.
Let’s face it, as people age, they can get hurt or develop physical problems that keep them from completing the run portion of the AFPT.
Personally, I think the walk is fine for a temporary profile or for a temporary permanent profile. They started building a franchise in the early 90is; they operate in 32 countries around the world and 19 on the African continent.

The bank now known as Standard Bank was formed in 1962 as a South African subsidiary of the British overseas bank Standard Bank, under the name Standard Bank of South Africa.
Soldiers with temporary physical profiles must take a regular three event APFT after the profile has expired.
Bad knee and bad lungs (burning oil inhalation in Kuwait) make me a walker but in Medcomm we have older soldiers: surgeons, nurses therapists.
However, promotion points may be awarded by taking the arithmetic mean of regular events that the Soldier completes.
It isn’t something that people really think of, but those who are doing the walk should get just as much support as the runners. The APFT was very challenging and throughout the walk all I wished for was being able to run again. That doesn’t mean they’ve lost the skills or experience the Army needs – it just means they can’t do the run.
Many people serve our country well and sustain injuries that necessitate the walk for them so they can move on to get the care they need and deserve. It is often abused but before my profile my score was a 290 and plus I hate freaking walking, takes too long. The focus of the bank was on delivering superior sustainable shareholder value by serving the needs of our customers through first-class, on-the-ground operations in chosen countries in Africa. Soldiers with temporary profiles of long duration (more than three months) may take an alternate aerobic event as determined by the commander with input from health-care personnel.
If they are in an MOS that requires greater physical abilities, this is going to be a problem. They also connect other selected emerging markets to Africa and to each other, applying sector expertise, particularly in natural resources, globally. Once the profile has been lifted, the Soldier must be given twice the length of the profile (not to exceed 90 days) to train for the regular three event APFT.
I'd like to believe with all the med boards and wounded warriors WTU stuff we would no longer be looking at the walkers the way we did in the late 80s when I was enlisted troop.
My injuries have since returned when trying to run so I fear I will receive a walk profile once again after discussing medboard options.
However, I think the real problem here is how does the military keep people from abusing this?
One of the hardest things is the fact you can't run or jog about half way in all I wanted to do is run and the thing over.

If a regularly scheduled APFT occurs during the profile period, the Soldier should be given a mandatory make-up date for the APFT. I really have no ideas because enforcing a stricter rule about who can and cannot do the 2.5 mile run seems to be a huge disservice to those who actually need the 2 mile walk and would probable end up excluding many of them from the alternate event resulting in failed PT tests and a host of other consequences. Next unlike running where if you see you losing time you just push a little harder to make up that time get back on your Pace. He was the best Arabic radio voice intercept linguist and he was booted out just prior to Desert Storm.
I do agree that there are some who do think it's an easy way to skip the run but soon find its to hard. Where as on the walk once you fall off your pace it's almost impossible toake up the time. The profiled Soldier must complete the alternate aerobic event in a time equal to or less than the one listed in Table A-1. The Soldier must receive a minimum passing score in the alternate event taken to PASS the test.
Soldiers profiled for two or more events must take the two-mile run or an alternate aerobic event to PASS the test.
But I am greatul for the chance to keep serving even if can't run anymore and to be currently be in a great unit.
There is no point score annotated on the DA Form 705 for the performance of alternate aerobic events.
If you have to run two miles away from a bullet then somebody didn’t do their job and you are probably going to die tired.
Humping rucksacks, jumping with waaay too much gear, getting banged up in SF, working around light infantry and mech units, jumping out of the back of trucks etc. However, I don’t think we should be too harsh on each other compared to the 97 % civilians we serve, who have never been in.

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