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Every order is printed just for you here in the USA using eco-friendly inks on the highest quality garments such as American Apparel, District Clothing, and Alternative Apparel. Products of note included the Italian company Bottega Casanova, which made a fantastic 10-year-old truffleMugolio's unique pine syrup balsamic. References allow you to track sources for this article, as well as articles that were written in response to this article. Cherries, sweet and tart, were in everything from rice mixes and juices to yogurts, cheeses, and meat glazes.
A gold leaf-infused olive oil was also on display, and though the flavor remains a mystery, the bottling was gorgeous. Having interviewed the company previously for Food The pop-up restaurant's Kogi TacoNetwork, it was exciting to finally taste all the delicious products and learn more about their Istanbul-based pastry company. After hors d’eouvres and a cocktail hour, keynote speaker Cat Cora helped host the ceremony. The band espoused an anti-fascist and socialist working class philosophy, and have been associated with the skinhead subculture.

The massive convention center was a lovely building (albeit poorly laid out--quite honestly, it took 5-10 minutes just to find registration and the actual food halls) filled with new products and companies large and small. Gluten-free items were everywhere one could imagine, all to the delight of celiac sufferers and the rage of pasta lovers. Maybe it was friendlier people who don’t look at you like a crazy person for striking up a conversation with a stranger on the Metro. A hidden but standout product was the wild pine syrup from Mugolio , which was one of the most unique tasting foods at the show. And just a few aisles down from them was the terrific Korean Hansik Pop-Up Restaurant by chef Akira Back. All in all, the show was a huge success, and quite frankly, the friendly food folks of D.C. Once at one of the two huge halls (located in the basement and on the upper floor), however, attendees were welcomed with thousands of food products, well-lit spaces, kind helpers, and tasty tidbits to sample from over 80 countries. Or maybe it was the well-lit space with an audience of genuinely hungry patrons instead of hundreds of food bloggers eager to be the next Julia Child.

The texture of a thick maple syrup, it had a strong, almost biting flavor of infused pine and earthy elements that knocked your tastebuds out for several seconds.
From the pop-up restaurant sponsored by Korea to the overall smaller displays from the big guns, there was more space for young upstarts and booming businesses than ever before. Whatever it was, this show was an absolute delight, and the trip down from NYC was absolutely worth it. Flavor pearls give a pop of flavor and are beautiful to bootMeanwhile, France’s Algues De Bretagne brought seaweed-based flavor pearls in mango, lavender, truffle, and more.
Chef Akira and his lovely team crafted beautiful dishes in extremely tight quarters, and it was certainly a highlight of the entire Fancy Food Show.

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