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Senator Dick Durbin has urged the Higher Learning Commission college accrediting body to do a “careful review” of the Apollo Group Inc.
Congress and states attorneys general have recently begun investigating sales practices and student debt problems. After Goldman Sachs became a partner in Education Management Corp, after the Pittsburgh company’s executives agreed to sell its portfolio of more than 70 colleges for $3.4 billion, employees soon noticed a drastic shift in culture, writes Chris Kirkham at the Huffington Post. Durbin has urged the Chicago-based Higher Learning Commission to take care with its thorough review. As for-profit colleges get as much as 90 percent of their revenue from federal programs, accreditation is essential for students to receive federal financial aid. University of Phoenix online classes review – these guys are corrupt with a capital C! I took some online classes at the University of Phoenix and I found them to be an absolute scam! I have been taking classes online at University of Phoenix and I am starting to get concerned. Now they are starting to sack me with all sorts of fees, extra bills, etc…  I have grave concerns about the financial billing practices of University of Phoenix and their staff.
It seems that University of Phoenix staff are billing a lot more now then ever and the costs, fees and stuff I have no idea what it is are being billed to me all the time. Could it be that the US Dept of Education is going to take away the University of Phoenix’s ability to get student loan money through Federal student aid? I am going to go to a real college in my state and get a real degree that really means something and I can get a real job with! Posts Related to University of Phoenix online classes review - these guys are corrupt with a capital C! 2 Responses to University of Phoenix online classes review – these guys are corrupt with a capital C!

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Whether you choose this great school or another StraighterLine Partner College, we wish you great success in college and your career. They embrace it because of what Delany sees as a paradigm shift in college athletics, where a bigger conference means more fans, more TV viewers and more money. Delany said the talks with Phoenix University Online began about a month ago, resulting in Monday’s announcement. When asked by writer John Walters, who appeared to be the only sportswriter capable of figuring out how to operate a Google hangout, about the fact that Phoenix doesn’t have sports teams, or even a nickname, Delany grew reflective. He’s clearly aware that some Big Ten fans believe their already diminished product has been further watered down. Most people are under the assumption that an online education is not as good as a traditional education. StraighterLine’s newest Partner College is the University of Phoenix, the largest private university in America. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! After completing coursework, StraighterLine students can apply to these colleges through a streamlined admissions process.
Students can study at more than 200 locations, as well as through online programs available in most countries around the world. There are many reasons for the University’s phenomenal growth. But when PUO William Pepicello pointed out that the school had won as many national championships as Bo Schembechler, Delany warmed to the topic. Both football teams have seen their reputations diminish, but as Delany laughs, “they sure as heck cash the checks! The thing is, I believe going to an online university is much harder than a traditional university because there is no one around to help you if you need it.

It was a pioneer in offering computerized distance learning that empowered students to attend college at the same time they were working. According to him, “it’s just a good fit – they don’t graduate black athletes, either.” When Phoenix took the additional step of naming an athletic director, Delany was sold.
Of course you can leave an email or post for your teacher to respond, but they have a typical 48 hour turnaround, and sometimes you need an answer immediately. It has also been a groundbreaker in helping members of the American military start college while they are still deployed in different locations throughout the world.
In a traditional classroom you can raise your hand or just walk up to the teacher and ask your question, but not online. He had my router speed doubled in about ten minutes.” Phoenix has designated Khushwant Dhaliwal, formerly an “off-site administrator,” as its first Athletic Director. Even before they matriculate in the University, students receive extensive and caring counseling on selecting a major, obtaining financial assistance and more. Many were uncomfortable with it, thought there was something wrong with it, even to the point of thinking there was something wrong with the person who online dated.
Now it’s the norm, the same way shopping online is, and eventually people start to see that an online education is just as good as any traditional walk-in University. This is what is important, and whether he has pride in his school, his sport, or whatever he feels passionate about, his wife should support him and allow the flag to be raised.

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