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Our Department of Chemistry and Physics examines the fundamental sciences that impact every aspect of our lives. The Department of Chemistry and Physics has dynamic and energetic faculty members, who have specifically chosen to teach and conduct research in an undergraduate setting. In addition to being dedicated teachers in the classroom, our faculty members are actively involved in directing undergraduate research, an essential component of a quality undergraduate degree program in the sciences. Members of the faculty have published the results of their research with undergraduates in peer-reviewed literature, have been successful in securing extramural funding for their research and curriculum development efforts, and often take their students to national meetings in order to present the results of their research. Click on the links below to learn more about our faculty members and their respective areas of expertise. Melanie's interests lie in facilitating understanding and mastery of General Chemistry concepts emphasizing their connection to everyday life and experience.
Raised in Maine, Chris returned after earning his master’s degree to join UNE in 2002. In pursuit of solutions to real world problems, we study matter’s chemical and physical properties, the changes it undergoes, and the energy changes that accompany those processes.

They stress understanding of principles, critical thinking, communication skills, and strategies for effective problem solving. Many opportunities exist for students to conduct cutting-edge research with a faculty mentor. Stubbs is primarily interested in using computers to investigate and explain chemical phenomena. She focuses on demonstrating the connections between topics in order for students to see the bigger picture rather than interpreting chemistry one topic at a time. Tenny teaches introductory physics in a studio setting following the internationally recognized and research supported modeling method. Simard is primarily interested in the instruction of Organic chemistry in the classroom and laboratory. He is a strong proponent of experiential learning and spends his time working with students in organic chemistry laboratories, where he can sometimes be found elbow deep in a fume hood providing assistance. V" is in veneration to his late father, an outstanding teacher in the Concord Massachusetts school system who went by the name of "Mr.

He enjoys interacting with students in their first foray into the exciting world of college chemistry. D” by her students, is an energetic professor who primarily teaches organic chemistry. She also teaches courses in general chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and NMR spectroscopy. A physical organic chemist, she primarily teaches organic chemistry lecture and laboratory, as well as mechanistic organic chemistry and the chemistry seminar course, and is notorious for being very excited about all things o-chem even during her 8 am lectures. His primary area of interest is the use of active learning techniques in teaching chemistry in the classroom and laboratory, and in creating guided inquiry activities and laboratory experiments. D is passionate about undergraduate education and mentoring students in research, serving as a Chemistry Councilor for the Council of Undergraduate Research.

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