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Sales of Dynamite's Ultimate Dog Food, a raw dog food that needs no refrigeration, have increased 112 percent this year as more people turn to natural dog food. Sales of Dynamite Ultimate Dog Food, a raw dog food that needs no refrigeration, have increased 112 percent this year, compared to the first three quarters of 2009, Dynamite officials said today. There also has been a 43 percent increase in the number of customers ordering the all-natural dog food.
The Ultimate Dog Food was introduced in 2007 as part of Dynamite’s efforts to find a natural dog food that does not trigger allergies and is suitable for dogs with diabetes.
The natural dog food contains five species of mushrooms plus Showdown, Dynamite’s signature vitamin and mineral supplement for dogs.
Because the natural dog food is uncooked and undergoes minimal process, it is easier to maintain vitamins, enzymes and other heat-sensitive nutrients. The raw dog food comes in the form of a meal rather than a kibble because of the lack of cereal grains.

A family-owned business that has specialized in animal nutrition for four generations, Dynamite Marketing makes natural food and nutritional supplements for dogs and virtually every member of the animal kingdom. Dynamite has worked with veterinarians and university researchers to produce specialty foods to correct nutritional deficiencies in animals ranging from Canadian muskoxen to peregrine falcons to zoo exotics. Dynamite’s raw dog food uses only ingredients, made in the United States for better quality control. Throughout its history, Dynamite has always looked at alternatives to animal by-products, antibiotics, chemical preservatives, fumigants, artificial coloring and other additives that have later caused health problems.
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The industry trend has been to increase the use of chicken, but beef is a better source of protein in natural dog food. Most people add equal parts of water, Zamzow said, although many pets like the natural dog food just as it comes out of the package.

It has long developed food and nutritional supplements for working dogs and prize-winning racehorses across the country.
Its manufacturing processes are so stringently controlled that Dynamite has a separate mill to produce feed for herbivores, such as horses and poultry that are especially sensitive to contamination from meat needed by other species such as dogs and cats. Its specialists can recommend exactly what vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements and natural dog foods best support dogs with arthritis, horses with laminitis, cats whose owners make their own food, and cows with digestive issues.
It has six times more calcium than milk, six times more protein than kidney beans, 15 times more magnesium than broccoli, and three times more Omega 3 oils than wild salmon.

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