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Sainsbury’s 17.9% slump in underlying pre-tax half year profits to ?308M reveals the challenges facing the whole food industry, according to a leading retail analyst.
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Any comment that violates these terms may be removed in its entirety as we do not edit comments. If you wish to complain about a comment please use the "REPORT ABUSE" button or contact the editors. Production schedules and processes on any site are always susceptible to change, either sudden or planned. The UK food and drink manufacturing and processing industry is set for growth of between 3–4% in the short to medium term, while reaching a value of about of ?113.1bn in 2018–19, predicts a new report. The study, from Research and Markets, numbered firms active in the food and drink manufacturing and processing industry at more than 8,000 companies across the UK. Is a renewed focus on sugar reduction an inevitable consequence of the SACN recommendations? Anke Sentko, Beneo’s vice president of regulatory affairs and nutrition, explains that non-digestible carbohydrates can assist with weight management as they provide only half the calories of available carbohydrates.

She lists condiments, table sauces, soups and ready meals as the candidates most ripe for this.To achieve further sugar reductions, manufacturers may have to become more adventurous. The fight against the rise of dementia in the UK could be helped if functional food and drink manufacturers did more to promote good brain health, an industry leader has claimed. Brain health will be of increasing interest to consumers, as dementia diagnoses continue to rise and consumers continue to look for ways of improving their health and fitness.
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Of those, more than 85% of enterprises were catergorised as small, with fewer than 50 employees.But the top five UK food companies accounted for over ?30bn in terms of turnover. Construction output in the food processing sector was expected to remain relatively buoyant. But, on a full-year basis, our projections assume that a vote for Brexit would mean the average value of pound against the euro and the US dollar in 2016 would be 14-15% lower than in 2015,” the report said.While it expected that negotiations with the EU would be hammered out in 2017-18, the economy would continue to suffer. For the full terms and conditions for commenting see clause 7 of our Terms and Conditions ‘Participating in Online Communities’. As a result, the report predicted growth rates in construction output of between 3–5% over the next few years to reach a total of about ?475M by 2019. Firstly, from a public health perspective the guidelines must be clear and understandable for consumers such that they recognise what action they can take.“This means that definitions and terminology will need to be understood and that on-pack communication should be aligned.

A key benefit of this is that we are able to develop ingredients that help make processed foods healthier,” adds Scott.Ingredion calls this approach ‘nutrition plus’ and says that, for example, a drinks manufacturer could add one of its newly launched ingredients, Bio Ligo 5700 Gos, to add fibre to a fruit smoothie without impacting the overall taste.
Gray concluded: “The outlook for sales performance going forward may not be so bleak after all. These terms may be updated from time to time, so please read them before posting a comment.
Why can't the products with the highest levels get down to those with the lowest levels?"MacGregor, who is Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at St.
Or a baker could add Ingredion’s HiMaize resistant fibre to white bread to boost fibre content but with no negative effect on texture.Beneo is another ingredients firm for whom the SACN report could be a boon, as its non-digestible carbohydrate ingredients – chicory root derived inulin and oligofructose – are now considered dietary fibres. Its production method involves taking the carbohydrate from corn and using enzymes to produce the sugar, which it has branded Dolcia Prima.Even more niche, but, in Jones’s view, starting to play a more important role, are sweet proteins, which mainly derive from tropical fruit. George's, University of London, accepted that it was easier to reduce salt in more premium products, where product developers could compensate for the loss of flavour or functionality by using more expensive ingredients (premium soups) or different processing methods (artisan breads), but said lives were at stake.

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