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Then we went to the city to drop some stuff at Stefan’s office and also for shopping. In the lunch time, we went to the popular restaurant in Zurich where we can eat typical Swiss food.
I thought I would never iron my socks or underclothes but I realized when you put on ironed them feeling much more good, so I started to do so. European water containing much chlorinated you will surprise when you use pots a few times at the bottom of the pan you can see the lump of chlorinated lime. Before I just had some toasts or cereal for breakfast but I cook proper breakfast these days.

Stefan got haircut and I got hair treatment coz my hair got really damaged because of hard water. It was completely bigger than I expected and I thought I can’t eat up but for me nothing is impossible about eating!! So when you need to put water into iron , coffee machine and so on it’s really advisable to use water filter bottle.
There were lots of people, coz here even cities, all shops are closed on Sundays so people can’t go shopping. I think this sounds very unusual and inconvenience for Japanese people who are completly get used to having convenience life.

Because my English is really bad and being afraid of mixing English rules and German rules.

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