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Tropical fruit trees are a charming addition to any garden, and among the most rewarding plants to keep. When you first plant your tropical fruit tree, it is best to wait one full month before its initial fertilization.
Check back often for more tidbits on how to care for your tropical fruit trees and other exotic plants. Actually, you won’t find many sweet desserts in my cooking repertoire, as I really like to end my dinner with refreshing, light fruit like lychee, longan and rambutan instead of a heavy, overly sweet baked dessert.
Continue reading ASIAN FRUIT SALAD RECIPE and learn why my kids go BONKERS for fresh rambutan!
To make a tropical fruit salad, try combining any of these canned fruits with whatever fresh fruit your market has!
I have always wondered about the Lychee and rambutan fruit when I’ve seen it at the supermarket.
We first had lychee and rambutan in Hawaii (along with the best pineapple EVER) and your salad reminds me of gentle breezes and the sound of waves shushing up onto rocks. I hadn’t even looked for these canned, never thought the quality would be worth the investment. When I worked in Xiamen, Fujian Province, China, we would buy bunches of lychee just off the trees, lychees so ripe they would burst open if you slightly squeezed them. We are always looking for something sweet for after dinner that will not sit on our hips for the next week.

Champagne Taittinger is one of the few remaining family owned and operated Champagne houses.
Kingscliff is a coastal town just south of Tweed Heads in the Northern Rivers region Northern New South Wales, and is part of Tweed Shire. Kingscliff is a coastal beach side community offering an extensive variety of holiday accommodation. Not only do they dazzle with colorful and striking flowers, they also provide some of the sweetest and most delicious of fruits.
It is usually best to trim the trees when they are dormant, which, depending on the weather, is around the end of February to early March.
It is safer for them if you wait until they are two years old before you using chemical fertilizers.
I’m not talking about tasteless, mushy pears or the stained red maraschino cherries, but the Asian stuff like lychee, longan and rambutan. Together with the villages Chinderah and Fingal, it is a tourist destination that provides beach and estuary access for swimming, surfing, fishing and water sports. While these tips provide a good starting point in your tropical fruit tree care, it is a good idea to double check on the best care for your specific fruit tree.
These are fruits that I can rarely find fresh in the Tampa Bay markets where I live, so it’s nice to have a tinned alternative. The fresh fruit has a thin, red, bumpy skin and the good quality lychee is sweet with a small seed.

Fresh longans are smaller than lychees, and have a brown, leathery skin that easily peels off. For each piece, use a small paring knife to run all along the inside edge of the pineapple.
In fact, any of the syrups from the longan, lychee or rambutan can be used and mixed into other fruit juices or in place of simple syrup in mixed drinks. They were good, but I definitely prefer fresh Lychee… my favorite ingredient for fruity martinis! When mixed with other tropical fruits like mangoes, kiwi and pineapple, it becomes a super way to end an Asian inspired meal. My sugar rush happens twice a day: smack dab in the middle of the afternoon (nothing accompanies work procrastination better than chocolate!) and then in the tippy-toe-wee hours after all is shush-quiet and I sneak a teeny bite of chocolate right before bed.
The canned versions are packaged in sugary water, which I always reserve as they make excellent juice for lychee martinis or added to champagne (ah…but for another column).
Push out the flesh to use in your salad (you’ll have to also cut the fruit off the tough, center core before adding to the salad).
When my brother, Jay, and I were kids, we used to pop a longan on each of our fingers and chase each other around the house.

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