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Coming from such an extensive farming background that has been in Colorado for over 50 years, we were frustrated to walk into supermarkets and see that the produce was not grown locally. Organic farming supports more wildlife than conventional methods with greater numbers of birds, plants and other species, a report claims. A lengthy series of studies has found that chemical-free farming systems support substantially higher levels of wildlife than equivalent conventionally managed farms.
The Soil Association claims the research provides the first comprehensive evidence that wildlife benefits from "non-industrial" farming methods. Their findings combine the results of nine major biodiversity studies carried out over the last 13 years in the UK and Denmark. The results will undoubtedly fuel calls for wider use of organic farming methods to help reverse drastic reductions in numbers of once-common farmland birds like the skylark and the lapwing.
She said UK consumers have demonstrated their willingness to buy organic food, although most is currently imported.

Baroness Young said English Nature wants that figure increased, but added that it will continue to support conventional farmers who are committed to the wildlife on their farms. Putting our frustration to work, we decided to start growing our own organic produce – Trinity Farms was started. We are proud to be able to support local, sustainable farming in Colorado by using hydroponic growing techniques. When the farm was purchased, our grandparents started a Dairy and farmed the rest of the land.
Farming hydroponically was a new venture for us, but we came into it with the values that have been passed down for four generations and were instilled in us by our grandparents – an appreciation for high quality produce and the belief that our organic produce should be held to a very high standard. Throughout the year the selection of our boxes alters with the seasons, allowing us to give you the freshest, best quality and best value for money possible.
The next generation brought a new dimension to the farm, adding a Nursery and Garden Center.

All the produce is either grown on the farm or sourced from as locally as possible to ensure that the food you receive is as fresh as possible. If there are items that you do not want then you can simply get in touch and we will be happy to make sure that you are not delivered any.
Trinity is a universal nutrient supplement that can substantially increase yields and enhance the highest quality production and flavor during the growth and bloom stages of your potting soil grown plants.

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