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Search our list of vendors for wedding cakes, wedding rings, wedding flowers, wedding photographers, wedding venues, wedding caterers, wedding invitations and more, all in your area. When it comes to appetizers and late-night snack stations, comfort food is rapidly becoming a wedding staple.
Consider making your favourite comfort food more wedding-appropriate by serving mini portions or presenting the signature dish in a bar with fancy toppings and sauces guests can use to customize their treats. 190894 Love the idea of chicken and waffles but don't want your guests to feel too full on appetizers? By using our website you agree we can place the cookies listed in our cookie policy on your device.
The value of the UK Informal Eating Out market has been estimated to be worth around ?52 billion which includes consumers eating on-the-go, presenting an excellent sales opportunity for caterers1. American food is fun, quick and easy to enjoy - whether eating in or on-the-go, which is right on trend. Our Americana Floured Baps are a great choice for bacon and egg butties, which are an ideal All Day Breakfast offering. Our Americana range includes two sizes of fully sliced Wholemeal Buns, which are ideal when served with cold fillings such as chicken and salad. Will the growing trend for premium fast foods increase the demand for American fare in 2013? Premium burger restaurants are still very popular with consumers and this trend is set to continue throughout 2013. To increase sales, caterers need to provide variety and differentiation on their menus, for both the buns and the fillings, to entice consumers to buy from their menu time and time again. Consumers are interested in ‘affordable indulgence’ and quality and taste are rated by consumers as the most important factors when talking about good value for money. Food plating styles: Food plating involves the techniques combined with an understanding of trends and what food enjoys.
Free form plating: free form plating involves placing the dish in an abstract just as like abstracts paintings.

Organic plating: Organic materials such as wood, slate or stone can be used in plating to give a natural element to your dish.
Food garnishing: In modern presentation it has been a trend that a garnish will be used together to finish the presentation of a dish. Even couples that opt for more classic wedding dinners are making sure their hors d’oeuvres and midnight food stations include decadent indulgences like macaroni and cheese or chicken and waffles.
Research shows that over the last year, there has been an increase in the number of people eating out at fast food outlets, with the burger highlighted as the 4th most popular meal eaten at lunch time in 20132.
Made using the traditional American sponge and dough method to give a distinctive flavour and texture, and baked in individual pans for consistency, they are recognised as best in class.
Despite the recessionary conditions, consumers are still opting to purchase food for out of home consumption due to the convenience and variety it offers them and on average, one in eight meals are eaten out of home every week4. Research shows that out-of-home snacking is in growth, especially during the afternoon when donuts are proving to be an appealing choice to fulfil the role of an afternoon ‘pick me up’6. It is a fully sliced, white burger bun, oval in shape, topped with sesame seeds, and only takes 60 minutes to defrost before serving. Premium burgers are mostly consumed in Pub Restaurants with 56% of the people surveyed eating a gourmet beef burger within this channel during Q3, 20127. Here is a look on the current plating techniques that you can interpret when creating your own plating style. The burger also showed a 2% increase in consumption at lunch time over the last 3 months, showing an increase in demand for American-style burgers3. All products within our Americana range are pre-sliced and thaw and serve, making it convenient for caterers. They are fully sliced, white burger buns topped with sesame seeds and only take 60 minutes to defrost before serving. Lantmannen Unibake’s recent survey highlighted that demanding lifestyles have led to eating on-the-go becoming habitual, indicating that outlets need to put more focus on the food-to-go opportunity, by providing a range of hand-holdable bakery products. Consumers still want to treat themselves with affordable mealtime options, with products that deliver value for money without compromising on taste and premium ingredients.

Bakehouse-branded Donuts cater perfectly for consumers who are looking for an indulgent snack for on-the-go enjoyment or treat occasions throughout the day.
Lantmannen Unibake’s Bread Barometer Survey highlighted that 79% of respondents said that the smell of fresh baking would stimulate their impulse to purchase bakery products8. Our frozen fast food bread range means caterers can prepare and serve products as and when they need them, quickly and easily and with minimal wastage.
For a more premium bun offering to excite consumers, our Americana Gourmet Burger Bun really hits the mark. 20% of all respondents in the UK say that they eat more meals and snacks on the go than they did a couple of years ago. The Lantmannen Unibake UK portfolio is focused on meeting demand for high quality bakery products to help operators to differentiate themselves and retain customer loyalty.
The range includes popular mainstream flavours including the Glazed Ring, Double Choc Ring, Lemon Creme, Strawberry Creme and Choc & Creme, all of which require no finishing as they are supplied ready topped. The aroma is seen to reinforce the fresh baking element and ‘best quality’ factor, which consumers are willing to pay more for. These can be found in the smallest mobile caterers to one of the largest fast food chains in Europe. It offers a firmer texture and traditional sour dough flavour, and are topped with semolina, finished with a kaiser cut. On-the-go the meals and snacks need to be convenient and 24% said they want easy-to-handle meals5.
Deli rolls and soft baps complete the Americana range and cater for the needs of sandwich bars, coffee shops and pub chains nationwide. Caterers can also choose from our extensive Americana Hot Dog Roll range covering minis, classics, jumbos and super sizes, in top-sliced and side-sliced varieties.

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