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Streetside dining is the food story of the year and Portland, Oregon is at the forefront of the food cart movement that is spreading across the country. Yesterday my son, his girlfriend and I checked out a cluster of carts in Southeast Portland and decided on Bruce Lee’s Kitchen. Their teriyaki chicken is perfectly cooked – tender chicken pieces, crisp stir fried veggies and a delicious, not too sweet, sauce.
The fries that came with this scrumptious sandwich were hot and crispy and were sprinkled with a seasoning blend that reminded me of Old Bay…just right.
Portlanders love these carts and on a typical day you will find lines at most of the them during lunch hours. Every now and then I have this fantasy of having a little BBQ stand and the little green trailer in the last pic is exactly what I invision.
You do know how fortunate to are to live close distance to these absolutely delightful diners!!
Cathy – the food carts operate year around and the weather would have to be terrible to keep the foodies away.
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One of these days don't be surprised if I email you and tell you I am coming, and you can meet me at the darling vintage trailer ( I want one so bad) and we can meet and have lunch!!!
We have several carts at our farmers market but they are restricted from being anywhere else. There are a few in downtown NY I remember from years ago, but the variety in Portland seems fabulous! I love that sort of information and, some times, this publicity just help us and the people who work hard to give us good food!Love,Lia.
What a great little post on the food carts in Portland and how amazing that they have a web-site where you can find what's out there. A typical Portlander would ride a bicycle to his or her favorite cart and eat lunch in the rain. That teriyaki chicken has my mouth watering already this morning & I am going to try your baked bean sandwich very, very soon!
Local restaurants set up stands and you are able to try a variety of dishes at reasonable prices.
That would be so cool – just find a vendor and not worry abut sitting down and wasting alot of time in an indoor restaurant.

They're trying to do this in Chicago, but so many food laws and restrictions, I swear Chicago needs to get on the ball! The Travel Dog Food Storage Bag is a smart and stylish solution for packing dog food for an overnight or weekend trip.
There are a lot of uptight people though, who don't get the need for such a food culture so we are still sadly lacking in street food. I was on Alberta a couple days ago and saw a bunch of people walking down the street taking pictures of carts. I wasn't in the group taking pictures in the Alberta area but am looking forward to coming to visit with my camera.
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