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Every tree in this northeastern Ohio topiary garden owned by Cil Draime is trimmed twice a year. The climbing rose ‘Cecile Brunner’ is trained over an arbor in the garden of Elizabeth Taylor's Bel Air estate; the property was landscaped by Campion Walker Garden Design. The boxwood parterre of a Virginia garden incorporates traditional annuals within a latticework of clipped Buxus 'Green Gem.' For the terrace's slopes, Liriope spicata is an understated contrast to the formality of the garden. Designing a garden can sometimes be more stressful and time-consuming than actually planting and taking care of the plants. The history of the four square garden begins in England during the Black Death of the twelfth century.
Although the traditional four square garden is located in front of the house, modern four square gardens may be situated anywhere on your property.
To create your four square garden, begin by choosing a section of your lawn large enough for the garden you want. After you have established an area for your four square garden and built an enclosure, you are ready to work on the actual interior of the garden. Four square gardening is a traditional garden design whose biggest benefit is the increased and easy access to the plants. When talking about garden designs, we will directly remember Japan, one of the countries that really care about garden designs. Colors ranged from rich jewel tones to dark somber colors, including deep reds, blues, browns, greens and black.

To view your newly created gallery, hover over your name in the top menu and select "My Galleries". Pink cestrum and gold breath of heaven are planted around the bench; ‘Elizabeth Taylor,’ a shocking-pink hybrid tea rose introduced in 1985, flourishes nearby. Lush pink and white roses peek over the top of a yew hedge where one of the rose garden's pavilions is also visible.
During this time period, landowners offered homes in the form of cottages and land to peasants who in exchange provided food for the aristocracy. Wherever you choose to locate your garden, however, four elements must be present to make it an authentic four square garden.
Start by laying down a path system that intersects the garden to create four smaller gardening plots. The roof of the main house can be seen on the far right, just beyond the wall of old boxwood.
To make planting and harvesting plants easier, gardeners often divided the plots of land around these cottages into four sections intersected by two paths. After you have created the foundation for your four square garden, you will need to add the four required elements.
You may also want to build a path around the inside of the enclosure to make accessing the four plots easier.
These two paths created the four smaller square gardens from which the four square garden acquires its name.

Begin by creating an enclosure with an entry way in the middle of one side around the perimeter of your garden.
You can use bricks, paving stones, mulch, wood planks, or any other materials that you find interesting to make the paths. If you are looking for a garden design that allows for ease of access to your plants as well as a traditional look, then a four square garden is the design for you.
Because of the ease created by this design, gardeners continued to create four square gardens during the period after the twelfth century. You can use garden fencing, rocks, paving stones, brick, wood, hedges or any other materials that you would like. Finally, you will need to plant the fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers that you want in your four square garden. How you lay out your plants is up to you, but, in general, planting smaller plants near the edges and larger plants in the middle of the plots makes caring for your garden easier.

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