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No-one has more experience of dealing with Trading Standards and getting the right result for travel companies than we do.
If the case goes on to a trial, then you can be confident that we can provide the best possible representation – let us take the strain. We also deal on a regular basis with all the other authorities eg the ASA, the ABTA Code of Conduct Committee and the CAA.
Travlaw are pound for pound one of the best travel law firms out there. Use them for all your travel needs going forward. Managing partner Stephen Mason is a respected travel lawyer for both personal injury and regulatory matters.
Travlaw brings a real depth of industry experience alongside effective, commercially focused advice. Travlaw give pragmatic, commercial and relevant legal advice to Best Western’s marketing and e-commerce team.
I have worked with Travlaw for a number of years and in that time have had to deal with many legal issues from revising booking conditions, to negotiating with ground handler contracts, to sensitive employment related matters, to difficult customers. Holiday Taxis have worked with Travlaw for a number of years and would highly recommend them.
The International Travel Law Network (“ITLN”) is a fast growing association of lawyers across the world who specialise in travel and leisure law. Specialist travel law advice and support with a legal expenses insurance policy, designed to bring travel companies complete peace of mind. Members include: Stephen M Mason* MA, Rivka Hawley ACILEx (Non-Lawyer Member), Matt Gatenby BA (Hons), Farina Azam LLB (Hons). Associated Offices: Athens, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Limassol, Lisbon, Madrid, Milan, and Paris.

This register allows you as a consumer to see which businesses are members of the scheme before purchasing goods or services. Before granting our approval, we had a visit from a Trading Standards Officer to audit our customer service processes, procedures and documentation and they also asked to see a list of recent customers from which they randomly selected six to contact and ask for feedback on our service. I’m pleased to say we passed all the checks so Morgans Electrical Ltd is now approved by Central Bedfordshire Trading Standards and we have already had our first enquiry through from a customer who found us on their website. The somewhat gruelling process took seven months of inspections, compliance and procedure audits and a tree’s worth of e-mails to achieve  Trusted trader status and the ability to be able to say that the service is approved by Trading Standards.
The service provided by the firm  has to be fully compliant with all relevant consumer protection legislation, data protection regulations, complaints procedure and customer service requirements of the scheme, so consumers looking for an inexpensive divorce solution  can now be sure that they are going to receive an excellent service and have redress if they don’t receive what they should be.
The online legal document sector is for the most part unregulated, and Divorce-Online felt that after 14 years of service, it needed to highlight the strengths of the business against some of their competition, such as one company (who shall remain nameless) who have recently been censured by the Advertising Standards authority for misleading advertising, and have hundreds of complaints about their business practices.
Divorce Online is registered in England and Wales as a trading name of Online Legal Services Limited. This brief newsletter just out has some useful tips and advice to help us avoid scams, annoyances, and cowboy tradesmen. Click here or on the picture above to download the newsletter.
WelcomeThis site aims to be a one stop shop for local involvement, signposting people to what's happening in Welwyn Hatfield, and providing links to community groups and organisations. Environmental Health and Trading Standards contains information on legislation enforced by the Council to safeguard public health and quality of life issues, as well as protecting consumers and businesses from a variety of potential risks. The key is to instruct us early, as soon as you hear from Trading Standards, and especially any letter that contains a caution (you know; “you need not say anything but it may harm your defence etc etc…”).
We will attend the formal tape recorded interview which, if handled correctly, can result in many cases stopping dead in their tracks at that point.
They provide a valuable support function to the Jet2holidays legal team, and have great strength in depth which I know I can rely on.

We’re always impressed with the whole team’s proactive, can-do approach and willingness to go the extra mile.
The team constantly updates me with what’s going on in the world of travel and helps me negotiate my way around the Package Travel regs and other related legal matters. We had our booking conditions completely redrafted and updated, and now it’s very quick and easy to call the team to tweak them as necessary when things change.
Travlaw bring industry specific knowledge and expertise, a friendly and responsive approach to business, excellent networking opportunities, and have provided us with reliable and sound advice on legal matters. Work varies from very complex personal injury cases, advice on new industry legislation (Denied Boarding Regs etc), drafting of Booking Conditions etc. The scheme is voluntary but Morgans Electrical decided to join the scheme as we wanted to demonstrate our commitment to customer care and fair-trading.
By contrast, we know from what clients tell us that if they attend an interview without us, they go in expecting a cosy chat, and come out having suffered a traumatic experience! I was recommended to Travlaw by a colleague in the industry and I have personally recommended the company to many other travel related contacts. Posted on January 3, 2011 9:06 AM by Ryan PerryBugs and glitches in video games are nothing new, but lately it seems as if more and more games are being released without the proper amount of quality assurance. Unlike some of the registers available on the Internet to find tradesmen, the Trading Standards team carries out a series of robust checks before approving a business.

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